Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Recipe Warning – Food Network Hummus

Sometimes we have a hummus emergency at our house. We run out of hummus and don’t have any soaked chickpeas in the house. This can be a major problem. So when I saw this recipe yesterday for Extra Creamy Hummus on the Food Network website that is made with chickpea flour I thought I would give it a try. Since I had looked at the boxes of instant hummus before and noticed that the main ingredient was chickpea flour I thought this recipe would work. Wow was I wrong! It looks like hummus but the taste is very “beany” in a really unpleasant raw way. In fact it is so bad I didn’t want to waste any tahini, lemon and garlic to try to make it better.

I have it in the oven now trying to turn it into chickpea crackers. If that works I will post what I did. For now I really don’t recommend this recipe on the Food Network website. Either they didn’t taste this before they posted it or my taste buds have a very different opinion of what is good.

On a related note what do all of you think of the Food Network today? I was a fan 10 years ago but now it seems like more entertainment and personalities and less cooking. In my opinion the cooking they do is average at best. All the tv "cooks" seem to recycle the same recipes over and over again. Just curious what everyone else thinks.


  1. I love hummus! It is one of the only reasons that I could never do 100% raw! :-)

  2. oh thats to bad, the idea for using chickpea flour seems like it would be good. the food network thing, yea i think that anything you do is better that a lot of what they do.

  3. Debra,

    I could live on hummus alone, although that wouldn't be healthy.


    I was bummed that the chickpea flour didn't work. If it had worked hummus could be in the frig cooling in 15 minutes. Quite sad that it didn't work.

    Thanks for weighing in on the food network. At least I know it isn't just me.



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