Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dinner Out – October 13, 2009

Our friends finally made it into town late last night and we were able to get together tonight for dinner. Since they live in Springfield, Missouri and we are in Baltimore we don’t get a chance to see each other as often as we would like. It was great to get a chance to catch up and spend a little time together. There is nothing like a two and half hour dinner over multiple pots of green tea with great dinner conversation and wonderful food to result in a very enjoyable evening.

As usual we went to our favorite neighborhood place that our friends also enjoy. Here is what we had for dinner tonight:

Szechwan Green Beans with Mushrooms, Red Bell Pepper, Carrot and Peanuts for an appetizer,

and Potato Gnocchi in a Tomato and Fresh Fennel Sauce with Garlic and Basil as our entree and then......

my favorite Crispy Asparagus in Pineapple Salsa. Which is so good it was our dessert.

How lucky are we to have such interesting food within a mile and an half of our house? This is why we love our friend Ian and always enjoy dinner when he is cooking. And this wasn't something he made special for us, it was just a little creative ordering off the menu. I always feel bad asking for modifications since the kitchen is so busy, but I think you can see why Ian's food is so hard to resist.

I hope all of you had a great dinner too.


  1. Dinner sounds fun. That gnocchi looks sooo tasty; I want to take a bite just looking at it.

  2. That food looks amazing, so glad you had a nice time.

  3. Rose,

    You just reminded me of a gnocchi forming trick Ian taught me which makes it much faster to prep. I need to post that soon before I forget.


    The food was great, as always. That is why we know everyone by name (and their story). It is like our version of "Cheers" we are there so frequently.


  4. A Szechwan/Italian place with a guy named 'Ian' in the kitchen? Now that sounds unique.

  5. Shenandoah,

    They focus mostly on food of the Med. However, Ian likes Asian food, and does it well so that shows up in the daily specials a couple of times a week. He also makes a lot of complicated French sauces, so his food is rather difficult to classify but always amazing.


  6. Looks like a nice night out! yummy!

  7. Debra,

    We had a great time. The evening lasted quite a while with us sipping green tea, chatting and ordering food tapas style a plate at a time. My husband and I always share our plates and like to eat slowly and nibble our way through dinner. We are a little eclectic but it works for us.



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