Thursday, October 15, 2009

CoQ10 Supplementation and Fatty Liver Disease

We take a CoQ10 supplement as part of our daily vitamin regime. It has been part of our routine for a number of years. We began taking it for heart health since we are getting “up in years” and most of us old folks don’t have enough CoQ10 for optimum health. Additionally if you are on a statin drug (to lower your cholesterol) you should talk to your doctor about adding CoQ10 to your vitamin routine. Since statins are said to deplete CoQ10 levels.

According to this article CoQ10 may also help prevent fatty liver disease. From what I have read fatty liver disease is an issue for up to 5% of the population and if you are diabetic you are more likely to be at risk.

Fatty liver disease is the first step down the road to liver failure. If you are overweight or your diet isn’t optimal you may want to consider talking to your internist about adding CoQ10 to your supplement routine.

Additionally, here is a link to an article on lifestyle modifications that helps to prevent and treat fatty liver disease. According to the article a 9% drop in weight has been shown to begin the reversal of fatty liver disease. I am going to guess that is possible because the liver is known to regenerate. Either way it is comforting to know if you or someone you love has this issue it can be reversed with lifestyle modification.

Now I need to get back into the kitchen. I am making my version of ciambotta tonight for dinner and I need to get it started so it is ready when the hubby gets home.

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