Monday, October 19, 2009

Potentially Lower the Risk of Breast Cancer

I read this abstract this morning of an article published in American Journal of Epidemiology and thought everyone should read it.

The article implicates meat products, fries, appetizers, rice/pasta, potatoes, pulses, pizza/pies, canned fish, eggs, alcoholic beverages, cakes, mayonnaise, and butter/cream as increasing the risk of breast cancer. Obviously it would be next to impossible to eliminate some of these things from your diet, but knowing that they could increase the risk of breast cancer may make them easier for all of us to reduce. Since prostate cancer is also an estrogen dependent cancer I wonder if the same foods are associated with an increase in prostate cancer. The prostate cancer connection is only conjecture but worth considering.

It appears there is even more reason to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Reading this abstract makes me glad we had a nice mixed berry smoothie for breakfast this morning.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy day today. I am off to try to plan my menu for the remainder of the week, concentrating on veggie dishes of course.


  1. Pixiepine,

    You are very welcome. Thanks for letting me know that you are interested in my health info posts.



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