Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Metal Water Bottles Can Have bisphenol A (BPA)

Something else to worry about, just what I needed. If you have metal water bottles they may have the BPA you were trying to avoid. I don’t know about you but I bought metal water bottles to avoid the BPA in plastic bottles, so this really annoys me!

My water bottle is uncoated stainless steel, so I think that is safe. My husband has a larger Sigg water bottle that is coated aluminium. Since the article indicated that Sigg removed the BPA from the bottles in 2008 our recently purchased bottle should be safe. The interior of our Sigg bottle appears the be the safe "pale yellow" color on the inside.

I wanted to post this link so that everyone knew that there is a potential problem with metal water bottles. If one manufacturer was coating bottles with BPA I doubt they were the only ones.

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