Saturday, November 28, 2009

Curried Cauliflower, Mushroom, Carrot and Beans over Yellow Rice

(pictured: Curried vegetables over yellow rice that you can't see)

(pictured: yellow rice)

Please don’t let the long list of ingredients keep you from trying this recipe. The vegetables and sauce come together in the time it takes to cook the brown rice. This is a quick one-dish meal. It contains lots of veggies and whole grains and is low in fat. Not to mention high in fiber and protein. This is one of those meals that will keep you full for hours.

I like to include Indian food in our meal rotation as often as I can because so many health benefits have been linked to turmeric. The one I care most about is its ability to potentially kill cancer. Additionally I have read that turmeric is more bioavailable when it is sautéed in a little oil with a generous quantity of black pepper. So, that is how I use turmeric to maximize the health benefits.

Tonight’s dinner was flavorful as well as filling. Everyone enjoyed it, even the omnivores. Here is what I made tonight.

Curried Cauliflower, Mushroom, Carrot and Beans over Yellow Rice
Makes 4 large servings

Rice Ingredients:

1 teaspoon oil (canola or olive)
½ teaspoon turmeric
¼ teaspoon black pepper
½ teaspoon coriander seed
1 ½ cups brown basmati rice
3 cups water
1 cinnamon stick
2 black cardamom pods
2 bay leaves

Curried Vegetable Ingredients:

½ tablespoon oil (canola or olive)
2 teaspoons turmeric
1 teaspoons mustard seeds
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon, ground
1 teaspoon coriander seed
1 tablespoon fresh ginger, minced
3 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
14 ounces diced tomato
2 cups almond milk
4 cups cauliflower, broken into small bite size florets
6 cups mushrooms, cut into bite size pieces
6 large carrots, cut into bite size pieces
1 cup cooked beans, garbanzo (would be best, I used mini favas)
1 pinch of kosher salt
1 pinch of crushed red pepper flakes, more if you like heat
2 tablespoons cornstarch, dissolved in water
3 green onions, finely chopped
½ cup bell pepper, cut into bite sized pieces
¼ cup fresh cilantro, minced
cashews for garnish – optional


Sauté the turmeric, black pepper, and coriander for a few minutes. Then add the rice, water, cinnamon, cardamom pods and bay leaves and bring the water to a boil. Once the water is boiling reduce it to a simmer and cook until the water is absorbed (about 40 minutes).

Allow the rice to remain in the pot uncovered for 10 minutes after you turn off the heat.

Remove the cinnamon stick, bay leaves and cardamom pods and then fluff it with a fork before serving.

While the rice is cooking make the curried vegetables. Heat the oil and cook the spices (turmeric through garlic) for a couple of minutes until they smell aromatic.

Now add the ingredients listed above tomato through salt and cook until the vegetables are as tender as you like. I cooked mine about 15 minutes. If the vegetables are done before the rice turn off the heat cover the pot and return when the rice is resting off the heat.

To finish the dish, thicken the sauce with the cornstarch slurry. Add the remaining ingredient just before serving. Stir them into the vegetable mixture. Save a little cilantro for the top. If you choose to add the optional cashews place them on top.

Nutritional Information:

Amount Per Serving
Calories - 578.58
Calories From Fat (13%) - 73.27

Total Fat - 8.46g
Saturated Fat - 1.09g
Cholesterol - 0mg
Sodium - 263.17mg
Potassium - 1890.52mg
Total Carbohydrates - 107.63g
Fiber - 21.06g
Sugar - 13.91g
Protein - 21.81g


This is not a traditional Indian dish; it is something I threw together from what I had on hand. Traditionally I have seen this dish include potatoes and not be served over rice. I was more in a brown rice mood tonight so I went with that form of starch instead.

I intentionally made this meal a little on the bland side since my elderly parents were coming for dinner tonight. If there were made just for Dan and I there would have been a fresh jalapeno or Serrano in this dish.

Each serving of this dish contains more than 21,600IU of vitamin A, 200mg of calcium, 240mcg of folate, 50mcg of folate, 600mg of phosphorus, 220mg of magnesium and 50mcg of selenium. A fairly healthy dish I would say.

Unrelated note:

I need to get moving, literally. I have gotten back on the exercise bandwagon and need to do a little more exercise before I call it a night. There is a bosu ball calling my name that I need to get back to, as it were.

I hope you are all having a good evening and are doing something fun, unlike me.


  1. So colorful. It's sweet how your parents come for dinner so often.

  2. Shenandoah,

    I am convinced that the more colorful the food that better it is for us to eat. At least, that is my theory.

    I try to have my parents over for dinner on all national holidays and each weekend (unless we have plans). Needless to say I don't like what they eat when they aren't with us. By having them over for dinner I know they are eating healthy food a couple of times a week.


  3. This rice dish looks so amazing! It really makes me hungry in the middle of the night, I wish I could move in with you:)

  4. Oraphan,

    I am glad you like how the recipe looks. My best friend from college was from Madras, India and that is when I learned to love Indian food. I have been making it every since (a long time now). Indian food is so easy to make healthy and still tastes fabulous. I love all the spices, and they are so good for us. My versions are not authentic but use many of the same flavors, but in an American style.

    Thanks for the nice compliment. I love to cook, as you may have noticed. My hubby and our friends compliment my cooking regularly. That is actually why I started the blog. I was emailing recipes to friends every few days and it got to be a big time drain. Blogging is so much easier.

    have a great day today,

  5. Wow, that sounds fantastic. We love Indian food.

  6. I missed this one when you first posted it, glad I found it now! I actually have most of these ingredients, most importantly a head of cauliflower that needs some attention in the very near future.

    I don't have coriander seeds, just ground coriander. Also I just have green cardamom pods. Do you think both of those things will substitute decently?

  7. Sarah,

    Ground coriander will work fine for coriander seed, just use less (probably half) since the ground is more strong.

    Black cardamom is more savory than sweet. It is also referred to a s bastard cardamom I believe because it isn't related to cardamom. Since green cardamom is also used in Indian food it will work fine, but will give the rice a different aromatic.

    I hope that helps.



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