Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flax Crackers with Carrot, Apple, Celery, Ginger and Oat

This is another post that is about a method rather than a recipe. You will understand as you read the post. In keeping with many of my recipes this is another one that uses the by-product from making something else that most people throw away. I have never liked the idea of tossing potentially nutritious things into the trash. Here is the story behind these crackers.

I had wanted a juicer for a few years but never bought one because I didn’t like the idea of throwing away the fiber filled pulp that remained after making juice. However when I saw a post on Jordan’s blog about flax crackers with green juice pulp I immediately ordered a juicer. I have been making flax bread since I picked up Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen with great success. I have come to realize that making flax bread and crackers is a very simple foolproof process. You don’t actually need a recipe for them to turn out great.

Thursday night I made us a juice of Carrot, Apple, Celery and Ginger that we both really liked. To make the juice I used 6 carrots, 1 apple, 2 stalks of celery and ½ inch of ginger. I decided to save the pulp in the refrigerator and use it in crackers that I made yesterday. To make the crackers I combined the dry pulp, I cup of ground golden flaxseeds, ¼ cup of dry old fashioned oatmeal (for texture) and enough water to make “dough”. I spread the flax mixture on two teflex sheets (about ¼ inch thick) and dehydrated for about 5 hours. Then I turned over the crackers and cut them into pieces and returned them to the mesh screen of the dehydrator for another 4 hours. Then dehydrate them until they are the texture you like.

I served these crackers today with a little walnut butter and apple slice. Even my hubby liked them, as much as he wanted to make some “funny” comment he couldn’t come up with one. All he could come up with was “they are really good, much better than I expected.” He did think they needed the nut butter and apple slice but he told me he will gladly eat them again. Success! I love that I have found another way to get flax into my hubby.

Unrelated Note:

Tonight I am making a Moroccan inspired vegetable soup. Somehow I don’t think my parents are quite ready for raw food yet. Healthy vegan food is about as far as I can take them for now. I will be back later with my soup recipe.

I hope you are all having a great day!  I am enjoying the fact that it isn't snowing.


  1. Ooh, I'm excited to see that soup tonight! Have a great Saturday!

  2. Your food creates hunger in me! :)

    I am glad to have found a vegan friend in you, Alicia!

  3. Those crackers look great! Can't wait to hear about your soup. I'm sure it's going to be fantastic!

  4. Anna,

    Thanks! I hope you are having a great Saturday too.


    What a nice compliment. Thank you so much! :)


    My hubby was shocked that he liked them so much. Our friend Louis now thinks I need to figure out how to take the pulp and make cookies. The low sugar part is going to be the problem. But I will be working on that next.

    Thanks ladies! I will get the soup posted this evening.

    I hope you are all having a great weekend,

  5. The crackers turned out great looking; I'm sure they taste good too.

    Along the lines of sounds like the pulp you used for this would also make a great base for a healthy carrot cake of some sort.

  6. Rose,

    Thanks! You and Louis are on the same wave length today. I think you are right though, the pulp would be great in a carrot cake or muffin too!

    Dan was very funny with these. He really wanted to make some witty comment but he said they were too good to make fun of. He can be quite entertaining.


  7. I do love flax crackers, and using the veg pulp for the base is a fantastic idea. Now I feel like juicing a bunch of veggies just so I can make those crackers!

  8. Heather,

    Everyone is voting for a sweet thing now so I will have to come up with something. It is definitely on my short list of experiments to work on.


    Thanks! Glad you like the idea. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    I can't believe how easy flax crackers are to make. I normally just toss things in a bowl and mixt it up and it works. It is crazy how foolproof they are.



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