Friday, March 19, 2010

Food Update

Not much happening here today. Dan has gone to work and I have life administration to attend to. However I wanted to write a quick post and summarize breakfast and lunch for our new vegan reader.

This morning we had oatmeal with frozen mixed berries, ground flaxseeds and walnuts. This was accompanied by minced garlic (that I talked about here), fresh green juice and green drink powder. As I said, nothing special, just our normal breakfast. The oatmeal adds body, fiber and calories to the meal. The flaxseeds and walnuts provided healthy fat, the mixed berries provide ellagic acid. Garlic was included for its cancer fighting properties. Fresh juice adds a few additional servings of fruits and veggies and a lot of nutrition. Green drink was included because it is a daily ritual that seems to keep us healthy.

For lunch Dan took leftovers from dinner last night, baby spinach topped with garbanzo beans, trail mix with dry roasted edamame, walnuts and dried blueberries. I also had salad but with a small slice of raw pizza, which I pictured above (flax bread, topped with sun-dried tomato marinara and pine nut and macadamia cheese). One small piece of this pizza is enough because it is very rich from the cheese and flaxseeds in the bread.

I finally have wheat grass soaking so that we can starting growing our own wheat grass for juice. Reading so many stories about wheat grass mold I was slow to get started on this project. I will keep you all informed how this goes. I am not the best gardener so if I can do this anyone can. Well, only time will tell.

Tonight I hope to actually plan dinner, unlike yesterday. At the moment I don’t know what I making but will come up with something soon. I will be back later with a recipe. I hope you are having great weather and a wonderful day.


  1. Ooh is that new vegan reader me!? I began following this blog last night. I came to it from **Bitch Cakes**

    I am a lifelong veggie who is beginning on the vegan path Mondays only for the time being. I need recipes and food inspiration, so this post - and all the others! - are perfect. Thanks!


  2. Yummy looking pizza! Of course, you already know pizza is my weakness. I love that plate by the way!

  3. Alison,

    Nice to meet you. This was meant for someone that sent me an email but I am happy to share with everyone.

    Being vegan is easier than it seems at the being. We struggled at first too, but now it is very easy to eat this way. If you have questions feel free to comment, or send me an email (my address is on my profile page). I would be happy to point you to some of the recipes that I think you will especially useful.


    I did remember your love of pizza. Raw pizza is great because I had everything in the frig from other dishes and just tossed it together in a minute. This may become my new "sandwich" replacement. You should try the nut cheeze it is really good. In fact, maybe a little too good if you know what I mean. ;-)

    The dish was part of the food gift basket so I can't tell you where to buy it. I love it too! It is small so it makes a perfect snack size for me.

    talk to you later,

  4. Thanks Alicia - so nice to find some kind of positivity re. veganism at last! All my friends are totally down on the idea. I look forward to trial-ing some of your recipes.


  5. Alison,

    You are very welcome. If you have any questions feel free to fire away. Veganism is something we came to for health. I can honestly say I feel better as a "healthy vegan" than I ever have in my life. You will notice that my recipes are much healthier than most blogs and that is intentional.

    Since you have been eating dairy and and cheese I am going to assume that it will be best for you to ease into healthy vegan food. Otherwise it will be a big change and may not taste rich enough. That will change with time. When we eat out now food tastes too fatty and sweet to us. Your tastes will change quickly.

    Good luck with your transition to veganism!


  6. I lurve that marinara've reminded me that I need to make some soon!

  7. Rose,

    I remembered that you loved the sauce. I am a little addicted to it myself. The flavor is so big and bold. I love things like that.

    talk to you later,

  8. life administration, have you written about that before and i missed it? i looked it up on yahoo but came up with college stuff, what is that? (if you dont mind me asking)

    raw pizza IS rich, i only had a poker chip size peice at a conference, and it was great!. then i went to the restaurant that catered the event and ordered raw enchiladas, i want ready for what i got, should have stuck with the pizza! now i think i could go back and roll with what they have, i think i was expecting the EXACT replica of enchiladas.

    do you still stick with about 60 grams of protein a day? or has that changed? (for awhile i wasnt getting enough but i changed up my diet) but i was just wondering what you have been up to on that.

    also, the tags? well i am sorry they are such a hassle! really that stuff is no fun, can i be secretly pleased that they are coming back??

  9. Michelle,

    Gee, someone else uses life administration. That surprises me. It is my little smart ass term for anything that needs to be done for life like: banking, shopping, cleaning, laundry, exercising that sort of thing. Nothing exciting I assure you. ;-)

    Raw stuff rarely tastes exactly like the thing it is replicating. The nut cheeses and raw marinara are closer than most things. That is probably why you liked the pizza but not the enchiladas.

    For protein I am at about 50g now. I stopped watching it so closely and found it didn't make much of a difference. For both of us as long as we get enough calories and not too much fat everything else seems to work out on its own. You know me it was hard for me to relax on this. I have a tendency to micromanage our nutrition.

    It is going to take me a while. I have many hundreds of posts to clean up. You can be secretly happy. *(rolls eyes)* Only for you Michelle.


  10. That is the most beautiful plate ever! I love it! I should compliment the meal, but I'm all hung up on the gorgeous dish! Can you still love me Alicia? I hope so! :)

  11. Valerie,

    Everyone loves this plate, I understand.

    hope you have a great weekend,


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