Sunday, March 7, 2010

48 Hours without Blogging and I Survived!

My hubby surprised me by taking the entire weekend off of work. Yay! Since he wasn’t working I decided I shouldn’t blog. Let me tell you this was much harder than I expected. I have many comments to respond to, sorry about the delay. There are also quite a few recipes to post from this weekend. However, we have had a great weekend. Here are some of the things I made since I was here last.

Mushroom Miso

Quick Taco Salad

Quinoa Tabouli Style with Falafel and Tofu Tahini Sauce

Spinach Salad with Apple, Almond and Miso, Apricot, and Lime Dressing

Seitan Parmesan

I will be back tomorrow to start getting caught up on the recipes (which I did document as I was cooking or I would forget them). Since Dan didn’t work this weekend I am expecting he will be working late during the week, giving me plenty of time to get caught up on the blog.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.


  1. Hey VE!!!
    It is really hard to not blog after you do it day after day!!
    I know sometimes I become completely absorbed in is crazy.
    Tomorrow I am starting raw....I am freaking out about it too, and I don't know why.

  2. Welcome back, sounds like a really lovely weekend! Lots of good eats too.

    Love the new avatar as well!

  3. That miso soup looks incredible! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sarah,

    We did have a great weekend. It was so nice to spend two days without work.

    Thanks for letting me know you like the new avatar.

    have a great vacation,

  5. Jenna,

    Thanks for commenting. I took a quick look at your blog. I am so glad you commented so I knew to look since we have the same interests. I will be following you now.


  6. im soo glad you had a whole weekend with your man!! fun yes?! ok ok back to the food:

    the tabouli salad and bought that at WF dont lie

    that miso got THAT at a restaurant


    im onto you

    :)missed you

  7. Mmmmm, looking forward to seeing all of these beautiful recipes when you have time, Alicia! So glad you enjoyed your weekend and your time off!


  8. Hope you had a splendid time with your hubby!!! And the food all looks fantastic. YUM. Really wanting a taco salad now. LOL

  9. Michelle,

    LOL! You are funny! Recipes will follow as soon as I can get them posted.

    Dan and I had a great weekend. Very relaxing!

    It is nice to be missed. ;)


    Thanks so much! We had a lovely weekend. Not productive, but sometimes you need those.


  10. The Internet can get addictive, Alicia, so it's good to back off sometimes and do other things. :)

    All of the food you made looks very tempting, especially the miso soup. I restocked my dried shiitake supply yesterday so now I can make mushroom stock again, and I think I'll make miso soup for lunch.

  11. Andrea,

    I agree the internet can take over. It is probably going to take a week for me to catch up from being off-line for two days. That is so crazy. But it was worth it we had a great weekend.

    I love miso soup and my dried mushroom variation is my hubby's favorite hands down. Glad I could inspire your lunch.


  12. Heather,

    How did I miss replying to your comment? I am not back into the swing of things obviously.

    Taco salad makes regular appearances at our house. We like the crunch of the chips with the salad. We assume as long as we don't overdo on the chips it is still a healthy lunch.

    We had a wonderful weekend. So very relaxing. It was nice. We should do that more often.

    talk to you later,

  13. Looks like one yummy weekend!

  14. Rose,

    We spent the weekend lounging, but there had to be food. ;-)


  15. You were missed! I hope you enjoyed your no blogging weekend, though :-)

    That seitan Parmesan looks amazing! Will you be sharing the recipe? Hint, hint, lol!


  16. Courtney,

    Ah thanks! Of course I will be sharing the seitan parm recipe. It is an easy one. In essence it was the seitan with quinoa, a raw sun-dried tomato marinara and a pine nut and macadamia nut cheese. It was an easy make ahead meal. Don't you just love those? They are my favorites. I will be posting the details soon.



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