Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quick Update

I didn’t expect to be out shopping for 12 hours today. We left the house at 8:30am and didn’t get home until after 9:15pm. To be fair we did have lunch and dinner while we were out so it wasn’t all shopping. I am tired (too much shopping) but wanted to give you a quick update. My kitchen gadget collection is growing again. I will share some of the specifics tomorrow and next week. Good thing I have been purging! What goes through my mind?  But at the moment they all seemed like NEEDS not wants.  I sure you will understand when I tell you what I bought.

A few cute light weight sweaters (great for spring) marked down for the end of the season just happened to jump into my arms. Come on, how could I resist them for $7.35 each marked down for $40.00? This was a no brainer in my book. A cute trench coat and some long sleeved T's for exercising also happened to make it into the car.

My hubby came up with quite the haul from Nautica, Under Armour and the Polo outlets.  But he needed to replenish his wardrobe. Maybe I can convince him to break some of the new exercise wear in tomorrow morning.  Fingers crossed!

All in all we were shopping fools today. It looks a little like Christmas here. This may have been one of our “more productive” outlet shopping extravaganzas. But now I am exhausted. I will fill you in on the food, shenanigans and most importantly the fun kitchen gadgets very soon (hopefully tomorrow).   The kitchen gadgets are the best part.  I definitely did some damage in the gadget stores.

I hope you all had as much fun as we did today. Other than our being little drowned rats from the pouring rain, it was a great day. Talk to you tomorrow.


  1. Looking forward to the gadget update.

  2. hey Alicia! i love shopping too!!good haul, i always feel like a champ when i get home with good sales:)

  3. It is terribly hard to walk away from a deal like $7.35 each!!!
    I got a beautiful pair of light tan dress slacks or $1.79 after a 90% off!!! I love a good deal!
    I know what you are saying about gadgets growing, Chris and I are creating a linen room downstairs for our deep freeze, gadgets, and recyleing tubs. We have 4 tubs for recycling, plus one for bags! Can't wait for your next post!

  4. Rose,

    I was completely out of control, but got some great stuff. You will love it. I am going to start writing the post now while Dan is still sleeping.


    Shopping can be so therapeutic! I also love getting a great deal. Louis and Dan are the same way so the three of us had a lot of fun outlet shopping.


    I think you get the shopping trophy. Getting clothing for 90% off would make my day too! Congratulations!

    Kitchen gadgets are a weakness of mine. I definitely found some things that I had not seen before (pretty amazing considering how many gadgets I own and how often I shop for them). It was a very productive shopping trip.

    Need to go so I can start writing the gadget post. It is going to take me quite a while, there is a lot of stuff.


  5. I'm glad you had such a fun day, Ali, and found some great bargains! I'm also eager to see what new kitchen gadgets you scored. :-)

    I should have sent my poor husband shopping with you. He needs a new pair of jeans, so we went to the clothing thrift shop yesterday. Apparently all the men here (at least the ones who send their clothes to thrift shops) possess more width than height... BW only found one pair of jeans that would fit his tall, lanky self and they were $30! For used jeans at a thrift store! (And at the "thrift" store they stayed, believe you me!) I live in a bargain-free town, that's for sure. So next time you guys go shopping, can we tag along? :-)

  6. Lalo,

    Shoot me an email of the waist and length you are looking for and I can send them to you. We have a lot of great places to shop here. I love a good bargain so I understand. $30 at the thrift store, that doesn't sound like a deal to me either! Of course you are always welcome to join us, but you are a little far away. ;-)

    We had some difficulty finding pants for Dan yesterday too. Apparently most adult men around here don't have a 32 inch waist so it isn't a popular size. But we kept looking and found them, eventually.

    You will love the gadgets. Can't wait to share them.


  7. Sounds like my kind of day!!! YAY on the deals. Good thing you've been making space for your new goodies.

  8. Oooh, shopping. Pick me up anything? :)

  9. Gee, I just *hate* it when an article of clothing makes me buy it! lol I love nothing more than an awesome sale!

  10. Heather,

    Thanks, I had a great day shopping. I need to make a little more space now, but that is okay. ;-)


    What did you have in mind?


    I know, those sale clothes can be really pushy. ;-) I love good deal!



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