Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trail Mix: Dry Roasted Edamame, Blueberries and Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Do you ever make your own trail mix? This is something that I do regularly for my husband to snack on at work, or to carry with us if we know we are going to be away from home for hours.

Each of the components in this mix is added for disease prevention, specifically cancer. The pumpkin seeds are a good source of selenium which is why they are included. The dried blueberries are very high in antioxidants. The dry roasted edamame is included for protein as well as the reported ability soy has to fight cancer.

The Kirkland brand of dried blueberries have a little more sugar than I would like, but the moisture content the fruit adds keeps the mix from being too dry. If your health food store sells dried sour cherries or wild blueberries that aren’t sweetened, that would be an excellent substitution. Overall, the mix is a reasonable balance of protein, carbs and fat as it is listed.

Trail Mix: Dry Roasted Edamame, Blueberries and Raw Pumpkin Seeds
Serves 1


2 tablespoons of dry roasted edamame
1 tablespoon of dried blueberries (Kirkland Brand)
1 tablespoon of raw pumpkin seeds


Combine and package.

Nutritional Information:

Amount Per Serving
Calories - 136.01
Calories From Fat (37%) - 50.79

Total Fat - 5.95g
Saturated Fat - 1g
Cholesterol - 0mg
Sodium - 78.43mg
Potassium - 69.58mg
Total Carbohydrates - 12.35g
Fiber - 4.71g
Sugar - 5.83g
Protein - 9.3g


This makes a nice trail mix that is fairly low in calories and fat. I like to make my own snack mixes so that I have control over the specific ingredients. I try to add only items that I want us to eat. If you look the ingredients on some of the commercially available trail mixes they frequently include too much sugar, or salt and the organic mixes are ridiculously priced. Try making your own trail mix, it is easy, stores well and is much cheaper than buying it premade.

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