Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pear, Date and Ginger Juice

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all having a great day and staying warm. It is brutally cold outside again today. Today is definitely a great day to stay inside and cozy up by the fire with a mug of vegan hot chocolate with a little cayenne. Mmmmmm, that sounds really good at the moment. Maybe I will do that later.

This morning we had one of my unconventional breakfasts made up of what we had in the house. We had a quick veggie burger from the freezer that I topped with salsa, fat-free hummus with cucumber round dippers, steamed broccoli topped with more salsa and fresh juice.

I had purchased a bag of Bosc pears last week because I was in the mood for red wine poached pears but then once I got the pears home I changed my mind (fickle I know). Those little pears have been sitting on the counter looking at me all week. Today I decided to turn them into a fresh juice. I used my blender to make the juice since not everyone has a juicer, but that will also work fine. This juice is based on a tart I used to make in my prevegan days. That tart contained Bosc pears slices and candied ginger. To our juice I added fresh ginger for flavor and antioxidants, and a medjool date to simulate the sugar on the candied ginger. Our juice this morning was quite tasty. Here is what I did.

Pear, Date and Ginger Juice
Makes 2 large servings


2 bosc pears, cored
½ inch fresh ginger, thinly sliced
1 medjool date, pitted (or stevia if you prefer)
approximately 1 cup of water to process juice


Combine in your blender and process until smooth. Add as much water as is necessary to get the fruit to move around enough in the blender to puree. Serve cold.

Nutritional Information:

Amount Per Serving
Calories - 137.32
Calories From Fat (2%) - 2.58

Total Fat - 0.31g
Saturated Fat - 0.03g
Cholesterol - 0mg
Sodium - 2.89mg
Potassium - 298.76mg
Total Carbohydrates -36.4g
Fiber - 6.92g
Sugar - 23.2g
Protein - 1g


The flavor was mild, not too sweet with a hint of spicy ginger in the background. Dan thought the texture was unusual,  lighter than an apple smoothie, almost soft and foamy. Overall we liked the combination of flavors. Next time I may add a little cardamom (because I do love it) to see if that works, which I expect it will.

Unrelated Note:

Today is going to be a little hectic at our house. The Christmas decorations are coming down (boo hoo). This will also necessitate extra cleaning as furniture gets moved around (double boo hiss).

I am off to be productive and cross some things off my to-do list. I will be back later with another post.


  1. That looks like a great breakfast to me! I really love that sort of savoury platter, so much more satisfying than a piece of toast!

  2. Foodycat,

    First I must say I adore the feline avatar. What type of feline is he or she? So cute! I have a beloved little gray fluff ball myself.

    Thanks for letting us know we aren't alone with our breakfast platter ideas. On the weekends we tend to have whatever is in the frig for breakfast. I never was a toast girl unless it had peanut butter, apples and raisins. That was one of my childhood favorites.


  3. we still have our tree up too....I have a Sweet Riot giveaway on my blog if you're interested....

  4. The juice sounds wonderful...very light and refreshing.

    Breakfast looks good too!

  5. Molly,

    Thanks for letting me know I am not alone on the Xmas tree. It is so pretty I hate to take it down.

    I will be around later to check on your give away. Thanks for the heads up.


    Thanks! I really reminded me of the tart I used to make, only much more healthy, of course.


  6. Mmm...that date juice sounds delish!

  7. Anna,

    Thanks! The juice was good. You should give it a try if you like all the components.


  8. Oh Yum! Your breakfast looks really good! I've never made complete breakfast like this at home before, it sounds fantastic!
    I love the combination of pear, date and ginger, it sounds so delicious! I've been using Bosc pears in my green smoothies, I love it:)

  9. I'm going to costco today, hope they have pears because this looks really yummy!

  10. Oraphan,

    I would love to know what else you put in your green smoothies. I am always looking for new ideas. Also, do you use anything besides spinach for the "green".


    Thanks! This was surprisingly good. Both the hubby and I liked it. I have a couple additional pears in the frig. It will be difficult to make something different with them.


  11. Hi Alicia,
    I usually use green smoothie recipe from "Clean" book, I posted recipe on my blog in Sep'09 (Almond milk, coconut water, kale, mango,avocado). Last week, I ran out of mango so I used pear instead).

  12. Oraphan,

    Thanks for letting me know! I will take a look at your Sept post. :)



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