Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Much Better Day and New Glass Straws

It was so nice to have my husband home last night. Nicco was very happy to see his father and slept all night, as did I. This morning I feel human again.

When I hubby came home he also had purchased some glass straws for me (like the one in his smoothie picture from yesterday). Why glass straws you say? Well, we don’t use plastic because of the BPA. I have tried to remove as many sources as I can easily (without making myself crazy). About 13 years ago I had my teeth whitened (vain I know). The dentist had recommended that I drink coffee from a straw to keep the future staining down. I thought she was nuts and didn’t listen. Well, to make a long story short the tea has done a number on my teeth (they no longer look freakishly white). The first experience with tooth whitening was so uncomfortable (and probably toxic), so I don’t want to do that again. Glass straws are perfect for drinking my green tea. Isn’t Dan just the most thoughtful hubby? Thanks for the straws sweetie; I love you and my new straws.

Today is going to be a little busy. I have a few things more to cross off my to-do list before I will be back, these are:

• Straighten up the house

• Finish documenting the cooking process for tomorrow (it will be another Ad Hoc at Home Made Healthy Cooking Day with my friend Sue)

• Start the raw pumpkin seed cheese culturing (I want to replicate the cheese Dan had at 105 degrees).

• Make another soup from Deborah Madison’s book for dinner, not sure which one yet

Once I get those things done I will be back with a review of the cookbook Dan brought home last night. It is a gorgeous book, but some of the ingredients aren’t pantry staples of mine. I will need to do a little research on where I can buy these things. Anyone have a source for Irish moss? I have heard of it but have never purchased it, or even tried to.

On a sad note the restaurant that started molecular gastronomy will be closed in 2012 and 2013 and may reopen in a different format. Be still my heart. The thought of El Bulli reopening in a different form is unthinkable. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Ferran Adria he is the chef that started the foams and airs and other fantastic molecular gastronomy dishes. Jose Andreas worked at El Bulli before coming to America to give us the MiniBar (which btw is mind-blowing but not vegan). For now I will have to be content reading the El Bulli cookbooks Dan bought me for Christmas last year. I have included a few pictures from one of the books for those of you that like good food porn. If you have any interest in molecular gastronomy his books have great instructions and phenomenal pictures. I love mine and look through them often for inspiration. No one does food porn like Ferran Adria.

I hope to be back before dinner.


  1. Glass straws...I love it. It looks pretty too.

  2. Rose,

    The glass straws are really nice. I have been using them today with my green tea with pom. They are a little larger than regular straws but I am already used to the size and be using them every day now.


  3. Those glass straws are so pretty! It seems like they would make drinking tea extra special!

  4. Anna,

    Thanks. I love new toys. They do make drinking the tea a little different, so that is good.


  5. The glass straw looks so pretty, but I have a (maybe weird) question. How will you keep the insides clean and healthy? I have a hard time with things like that, because I don't use bleach.

  6. Aisling,

    What a great question!. I soak them in a little hot soapy water and then have a little bottle brush that I use. I don't use bleach either, but if I thought they neeeded something more I would use straight white vinegar. Then I put them in my dehydrator to dry them out inside. Since they are made of heavy test tube glass they can probably also be boiled but I haven't tried that yet.


  7. Alica, Thank you. I think washing them right away would be really important too. Not always my strong point. lol! :)

  8. Aisling,

    Here is the link to the straws and accessories if you are interested.



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