Saturday, January 23, 2010

Making Lifestyle Changes Can Improve Your Chances of Avoiding Cancer

I thought this was an interesting article worth sharing. To summarize it suggests the following lifestyles can reduce your probability of cancer:

· Maintain a healthy weight
· Be physically active
· Consume a plant-based diet which is light on meat, salt and alcohol
· Don’t smoke

Each of these has been well documented by many studies but is worth repeating.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Body fat is not just unattractive it is harmful to your health. Fat is biologically active and causes an increase in estrogen. This increases the risk of hormone dependent cancers like breast and prostrate. Maintaining a healthy weight (a BMI less than 25) is a great place to start.

Being Physically Active

We try to do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. People that take part in moderate exercise have more active immune systems and longer telomeres. Additionally, exercise burns glucose, which is great for reducing cancer. Since cancer is a sugar feeder anything that you can do to reduce your blood glucose is a good thing. I specify moderate activity since strenuous exercise can be inflammatory which is also potentially harmful. Moderate versus strenuous activity is different for each person. But if you are having difficulty breathing while exercising you may be taking things too far.

Consuming a Plant Based Diet

Vegetables and fruit contain more nutrition than other foods. If you want to increase your vitamin intake eat more plants in their natural form. For more detailed information on this please see the China Study. The book does a great job of explaining why a plant-based diet is better for your health.

Don’t Smoke

I think this one is self-explanatory. Don’t inhale carcinogens; they aren’t good for your health.


  1. Thanks for posting this informative article! I've got these lifestyle characteristics covered!

  2. Anna,

    If anyone you love needs a nudge in the healthy direction the linked article may make a difference. Sometimes I think information needs to come from different sources and be heard many times before it sinks in.


  3. Alicia,

    It's a big step for this report to be published. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. It's comforting to know that we as individuals have a lot of power to prevent cancer, but sad that many people, particularly those close to us, won't make use of this power.


  4. Matt,

    I was happy to see this report too. Most medical professionals don't recommend lifestyle changes to the extent that I think they should. It was nice to see something other than the usual "take a pill approach".



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