Friday, December 11, 2009

More Melamine Tainted Milk in China

(pictured: Homemade Almond Milk)

Just weeks after China executed two people for the last melamine tainted milk scandal more people are arrested for doing it again. This is exactly why I am afraid to buy Chinese products. Stories like this make me wonder if anything from China is safe.

What do you think about the safety of Chinese products? Do you try to avoid all Chinese products or just some? Do stories like this make you worry about the other processed foods you buy?


  1. This really does not surprise me at all. I have tried to avoid Chinese products as much as possible for the last few years, since the dogfood scandal.
    I love pine nuts, but rarely buy them since it's hard to find any that don't come from China.

  2. Janet,

    It is crazy what appears to go in China. I don't like to buy anything that is made in China, not dishes, pots and pans, food or anything that will come into contact with food. However, Chinese products are really hard to avoid these days.

    I was also a little panicked over the pet food issue. Thankfully my cats were unaffected, but we were worried about them.

    If you have a local Italian market you may want to try there for pignoli. That is where I get mine. They are twice the price of the Chinese ones but I feel better about consuming them.


  3. Thanks for the tip Alicia, we do have an Italian market near us and once in a while (when I'm feeling lazy) I buy a premade pesto there which has no yucky ingredients in it. (usually I make my own). I will check there for the pine nuts.


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