Thursday, July 30, 2009

Green Tomatoes Fight Cancer

(sorry it isn't a green tomato photo)

Who knew I would need a picture of green tomatoes for the blog?

I was reading about my favorite topic this evening, cancer, and found a fascinating item. Green tomatoes were studied for their ability to induce cancer cell death and were found to fight the following cancer cell lines: breast, colon, liver and stomach. Isn't it amazing how often these new studies come out about vegetables fighting cancer? Can we ever eat enough fruits and vegetables?

I knew that lycopene in tomatoes was a cancer fighter, but it was news to me that green tomatoes were also good for us. Looks like I will be trying to find new ways to add green tomatoes to our meals.

Since this was news to me I want to share it with everyone. Don't pass up those green tomatoes at the farmers' market this week. I know I will be buying some if I see them.


  1. Interesting. I've grown tomatoes for several years, and inevitably, there are always some scragglers who don't ripen before the season is the past, I've put them in a paper bag with a banana to ripen them, or harvest the vine and hang them to ripen on the vine, but this time round, we'll just eat them as they are.

  2. Rose,

    I was really surprised last night to read that green tomatoes are good for us. My southern grandmother used to make fried green tomatoes, but I haven't seen them in any other recipes. Have you seen them used any other way?

    Thanks for the coconut yogurt recommendation on your blog.



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