Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun Facts Friday and Lunch at Teavolve

I have to say it becoming more difficult to come up with fun facts and questions. If anyone has question suggestions for next week please feel free to share. Now on to today’s questions:

1. What is your favorite form of exercise if you could only pick one form? This changes for me with time. Recently my favorite has been strength training. I suppose this has become more important as I get older since “they” say we lose a pound of muscle mass every year after 40. Comforting thought no? I believe strength training keeps that from happening. Not to mention strength training makes me feel strong and more able to do everyday things.

2. Would you ever consider plastic surgery and if so do you know what you would have done? This is one that I have gone back and forth on. I used to dye my hair (to cover the grey) but gave that up about a year and half ago because of the toxic nature of dye. However when I was coloring my hair I thought maybe a face lift would be in my future. Now that I have a few “distinguished” strands of grey I think I am more likely to just age gracefully. Fortunately my face has not “gone south” yet. When it does the vanity may just kick in and cause me to run to the plastic surgeon. I hope I can resist the urge but I don’t know that I am that centered, LOL.

3. Where do you want to be and what do you want to be doing in 10 years? I hope that Dan will be retired in 10 years and we will be able to enjoy being together 24/7. If that is the case we may be living part time somewhere in Italy. In my perfect world we would go between our current home and Italy (most likely Tuscany). The universe has a way of throwing curve balls though so we will see what it brings between now and then. But that is the plan at the moment.

Okay how about you? What do you think, I would love to know. ;-)

Lunch at Teavolve:

Dan Sr. met Dan Jr. for lunch today on the way back from a meeting in Rockville (around DC for those that aren’t local). They ended up meeting in Canton (an old but now trendy neighborhood in Baltimore on the water). This is the second time they have met at Teavolve for lunch. It is an acceptable place for a vegan and omnivore to get together. For those of you that haven’t been to Teavolve here is the menu.

Dan (my hubby) chose the Asian salad with tofu, edamame, and carrot (pictured above). While there weren’t an abundance of vegan selections tofu and edamame always works. Dan does such a great job of staying reasonably healthy even when I am not there.  ;-)  Dan is a tougher critic than I am and he enjoyed his salad.

Blog Administration:

FYI I have reorganized the links on the left side of the blog. The original list has been split into three smaller lists as follows: health and nutrition, food and other “stuff”. Some of you were more difficult to categorize than others. Those blogs that are heavy on exercise are in the health category. However I can imagine exercise needing its own category at some point soon. If you are looking for any blogs and can’t find them let me know and I will tell you where I have categorized them.


Since it is Friday I spent my day doing my usual errands. It was a busy day and thankfully a bit cooler than it has been though the humidity was up.

I have been feeling the lure of the weights today much more than normal. I think the new dumbbells are going to be great for my workouts. They seemed to have sparked a renewed love of strength training. Sometimes it seems all I need it a new piece of exercise equipment to get my blood pumping again. Now hopefully I can get Dan interested too. Wish me luck; this may be a harder sell. ;-)

I need to check with Dan but he may not have to work this weekend. That is my guess based on his hours this week. If I am right and the weather holds up I may try to convince him to have a little fun this weekend. Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Talk to you later when I come back with a dinner update. Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Favorite form of exercise is probably weight lifting. I think I might consider Botox actually. I have a very expressive face which equals lines... In 10 years...I just want to be happy still. Of course, there are a ton of "dreams."

  2. Heather,

    I wasn't sure what form of exercise you would pick but thought it might be lifting.

    Wow, maybe Botox. You are braver than I am. I have an expressive face too but Botox scares me. Who knows vanity may overtake fear one day, LOL.

    Happily married and still together is a given. The rest of it is just fluff though nice.

    enjoy Pizza Friday with Jason,

  3. Great blog! I am following you now :) Check me out when you can.

    What is your favorite form of exercise if you could only pick one form? I like running or fast walking for long distances. Outside only. I get too board on treadmills.

    2. Would you ever consider plastic surgery and if so do you know what you would have done? No. I used to think I wanted to get implants, but I never would now. I don't particularly love my body, but I would never get plastic surgery.

    3. Where do you want to be and what do you want to be doing in 10 years? I want to own a house with land, enough for my pets and a good sized garden. My husband to have a stable job. Have at least 4 kids. Have my animal shelter completely established.

  4. Hi Carissa,

    Nice to meet you. I will check out your blog this evening. :-) Thank you for your kind words.

    I used to love running too but at my age the knees are not what they used to be. ;-)

    Good for you resisting plastic surgery. I hope I can resist the urge to get a touch up. We will see if I can do it.

    You have a lot you want to do in the next ten years. I hope it all comes to fruition. Sounds like you will be busy.

    have a great weekend,

  5. 1. While I agree with you that strength training has its merits, I rather enjoy yoga, which I suppose is a sort of strength training if you think about it. I love the peacefulness of a quiet house in the morning while I stretch and refine my muscles and clear my head. Of course, I don't always get up early enough to enjoy a nice quiet yoga session, but I try...

    2. I hate surgeries with a passion, so I would never voluntarily elect to have a procedure done for anything besides health reasons. I have a rough time recovering from surgeries, and I would be angry with myself all during recovery time that I had elected to go under the knife. So my loathing of surgery all together will keep me away from plastic surgery.

    3. In 10 years, I hope to go to Italy to meet you and your husband, where you are happily retired. :) Beyond that, though, I hope to be living in a place cooler than TX and still enjoying my life as a teacher.

    Good questions, Ali!

  6. Jessie,

    I love yoga and use that to unwind. It is my treat after strength traning. The peaceful nature of yoga really appeals to me too. ;-)

    You would never know that I worked in hospitals for almost two decades .... I am not a fan of surgery either. Freaks me out a little actually. But I am also a bit vain so who knows which thing will be more important. I hope I can resist.

    I must say I love Italy and sharing it with everyone. Our place will definitely be full of guests. :-)

    I can only imagine the weather in Texas. My dad is from Houston and tells stories about the weather. Stay cool!


  7. I hope your 10-year plans come through...sounds wonderful!

    As for me, swimming, dancing, and cycling come in for a tie for the exercise.

    I don't think I would ever have plastic surgery. Aging is natural and I see many mature women who exude beauty through their vitality, personality, well-maintained health, and wisdom...albeit, it's a different type of beauty than the youthful, 20-year old variety, but it's part of a natural process that I don't think we can run away from.

    You're still young, and are perfectly gorgeous at your age, and just the way you are. Our bodies are ephemeral; true beauty is always on the inside no matter what age. (Sorry you asked? I did get a bit long-winded, apologies :)

    As for the 10 year plan? I hope to have some land veggie farm, run an animal rescue, and be surrounded by beloved animal and human friends and family.

    Happy weekend Ali; hope you and Dan have fun!

  8. Rose,

    Provided our health holds up we are Italy bound. Fingers crossed!

    Dancing is a wonderful idea! I have been thinking I need to change my cardio and I love the idea of dancing. Thanks for the suggestion. :-)

    I want to be that woman you spoke about so eloquently. Maybe eventually I will agree with you. I hope so. ;-)

    Needless to say I can envision you on a nice parcel of land with veggies, animal friends, and John of course. What a nice thought! Dan just asked why I was smiling. I was picturing you there.

    enjoy your weekend,

  9. As for dancing: if you have an amenable partner (aka Dan?) it would be fun to take classes: salsa, swing, waltz...whatever floats your boat. I don't have said amenable partner, so I just dance free-form...but it's still super fun!

  10. Rose,

    Brilliant suggestion, but Dan and John have a lot in common apparently. Dan does not like to dance. Though I can think of a few girl friends that I can possibly convince to take lessons. Sounds like a lot of fun. ;-)

    talk to you later,

  11. For cardio exercise I prefer running or swimming (though I haven't been able to run lately), but overall, yoga is my favorite form of exercise. Weight-lifting is okay, but I don't do it as willingly! I'm going shopping today for a roller (mainly for my IT band) and stability ball (to use as a desk chair as well as for crunches).

    I briefly considered implants (both my sisters got them), but I was scared of the surgery and not that uncomfortable with my body. I think the most I'd do to my face is Botox, but even that is a little scary. I see so many older women who don't have deep creases between their eyebrows and I'm hoping that mine will smooth out with age! (Is that wishful thinking or what?)

    I've never been good at setting goals or thinking too far in the future. However I can see my husband and I moving to a smaller home and traveling more, maybe in an RV, visiting national parks and friends/family around the country. And I'd like to help people in some manner, perhaps doing something related to nutrition.

  12. Laura,

    I do love running, but my knees aren't too crazy about the idea of it. If we had a pool I would swim everyday. I swear I am part fish. ;-) Foam rollers are great. I love mine so much I have two! Let me know how the ball works for a desk chair please. I have not tried that yet because of the felines and claws. But maybe I should. ;-)

    Botox scare me too. But I am a bit of a chicken. I found that the longer I eat a high veggie and fruit diet the softer my wrinkles are getting. I will pick produce over botox and day, LOL.

    I am with you 100% on the smaller house. It is nice to have a lot of room, but who needs a big house to clean and maintain? Can you tell I don't like to clean? LOL

    have a great weekend,

  13. Happy Saturday to you! Great questions this week.
    I love taking aerobic and weight lifting classes at my gym, my favorites are kickboxing, step, and muscle max. As far as plastic surgery goes, I would consider it for removing the extra skin on my upper arms. At one point I was 40 pounds heavier than I am now, and my arms never really slimmed down. What I should probably do is just some more weight training for now! :)
    To be honest with you, thinking about 10 years from now is kind of scary! I am pretty sure that what I decide to do in the next 10 years will define what I will do for the rest of my life. I would like to be married, I can say that for sure, but other than that I honestly don't know what I want. I like your answer a lot though, I could definitely get used to living part time overseas ;)

  14. Sarah,

    One of my favorite class at the gym was the step class with weights (it always had different names). Kickboxing is another good one. ;-) Thanks for sharing what you like. I am always looking for ideas.

    You are still young I think your skin will bounce back. Your idea of more weight training is a good one though.

    I suppose I didn't always think of 10 years from now. I guess that is something that "we old folks" do more often. ;-) But I do think you can change your career whenever you like if you are willing to start over. That is something that seems easier for women than men. I have a few friends that started over and rapidly moved up in their new field, probably due to prior work experience.

    enjoy your weekend,


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