Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cargill Debuts a Flax and Canola Oil Blend?

This article got my attention this morning and I wanted to share. Apparently Cargill thinks they have developed a flax and canola oil blend that is shelf stable for 9 months. From what I have read about flax oil I can’t imagine how this can be.

I wanted to warn everyone since it if hits the market all types of processed foods will probably be sporting the “Good Source of Omega 3” label. *ugh*


  1. Absolutely retarded! lol
    Definition of retarded: To hold back....
    Need I say more?

  2. Brandi,

    Everything I have seen about flax oil is that it is heat and light sensitive which is why it is sold refrigerated and in dark bottles. Have you seen anything different?



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