Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Video You May Want to Watch

On Friday, Anne a very kind reader sent me this link to a video. I was swamped so I didn’t get to watch it until late on Saturday. The information is presented in a common sense way. The video is about angiogenesis and cancer but also applies to many other chronic diseases (arthritis, MS and Alzheimer’s to name a few) which the MD briefly discusses. The entire video is 20 minutes in length but I think is well worth the time to view. If you want to make it full screen there is a button for that on the top right corner that makes the tables much easier to read. Enjoy!


  1. I try to watch a couple of things on each week. So much valuable information there. I will be sure to watch this one. Thank you for passing it on.

  2. Hi Aisling,

    I had not heard of before Anne sent the link. My hubby was fascinated with the site last night. We will be checking it out often now.

    hope to hear from you again soon,

  3. Oh! I am excited! :)

    I don't have time to watch now. Yet, I feel like a kid waiting to open a gift. :)


  4. Naina,

    I thought this video was well done and informative. I think you will like it.

    talk to you later,

  5. All of the TED videos are fascinating!

  6. Jim,

    I don't know about all the videos but this one certainly was fascinating. ;-)



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