Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Unorthodox Breakfast: Collard Wraps with Almond Feta and Veg

Dan is feeling much better this morning. So much so that he has gone back to work. This is a great sign. He almost never takes a sick day. When he took off Friday, Monday and was home on Tuesday I knew that he felt really horrible. Needing to make him a smoothie this morning for breakfast as well as cream of broccoli soup to go in his lunch with the lasagna my Vitamix had quite the workout this morning. By the time I had cleaned the blender twice I was not in the mood to do it again. Since I had breakfast once Dan had left for work I picked something that was crunchy. Here is what I made myself from breakfast this morning:

Collard Wraps with Almond Feta and Veg
Serves 1


1 large collard leaf, thick stem sliced fat to bottom or removed (it is easier to roll if you don’t remove the stem completely)
¼ cup almond feta – no oil version
4 inches English cucumber, sliced into sticks
¼ red bell pepper, thinly sliced


Place the collard leaf on a board light green side up. Spread the leaf with a thin layer of almond feta. Top with cucumber and red bell pepper. You can add anything else you like to the wrap. Olives would be good, so would sun-dried tomatoes, anything works in this. Roll the leaf up like you are making sushi. Secure with toothpicks and slice into bite sized pieces.

Nutritional Information:

Amount Per Serving
Calories - 255.73
Calories From Fat (62%) - 158.03

Total Fat - 18.84g
Saturated Fat - 1.45g
Cholesterol - 0mg
Sodium - 278.37mg
Potassium - 600.59mg
Total Carbohydrates - 16.38g
Fiber - 7.08g
Sugar - 5.86g
Protein - 10.15g

These are a little difficult to roll tightly. It helps to use more nut cheese but that really ups the fat content so I try to hold that to minimum. If you want to take this in your lunch I would suggest packing the components separately or wrapping the entire thing in waxed paper followed by cling film and slicing when you are ready to eat it.

I made this today since I was craving a little fat. Nut cheese and but butter is my main source of fat and I need to keep an eye on make certain I eat enough of it. There are days when I have only had 100 calories of fat and that is not enough. Your skin will get dry if you do that for too long, I don’t recommend it. Also the fat seems to keep my satisfied longer. Since I had this for breakfast I won’t add much if any nuts or seeds to my lunch today.

This little wrap contained approximately 3,650IU of vitamin A, 70mg of vitamin C, 160mg of calcium, 10IU of vitamin E, 110mcg of folate, 200mcg of vitamin K, 220mg of phosphorus, and 125mg of magnesium. Pretty good for less than 260 calories I think.

Unrelated note:

Sine Dan felt so lousy this weekend I didn’t get any of my “work” done around the house. Today and tomorrow are going to be cleaning days at our house. Ugh! I love to cook, but cleaning is not my favorite activity. Martha Stewart has nothing to worry about from me. LOL.

I have been very unproductive so far today. I really need to run and get some things accomplished before the day gets away from me. I will be back tonight, if not sooner. I hope you are all having a great Wednesday.


  1. Sound good!

    I wanted to let you know that Saturday I am taking the first of a 3 part series of raw food prep classes in Asheville. it's 3 hours away, but it's so much closer (and cheaper) than any of the other courses I've found. I'm hoping this helps me incorporate more raw foods into our diet.

  2. Neca,

    That sounds like so much fun. I would love to hear all about it. If you feel like sharing please send me an email. Enjoy the courses. If Asheville were a little closer I would do it too. Where the classes being given?


  3. Those look so good. They'd be tasty on a snack plate for dinner!

  4. Heather,

    You are reading my mind again. I do use them that way most often. But this morning I wanted some more decadent than usual. ;-)

    talk to you later,

  5. Everything I'm reading about the Vitamix sounds dreamy, including the clean up. Is it true you can just put some soap and water in there and turn it on and it cleans itself? Sounded to good to be true to me!

    I would totally eat this for breakfast. I agree with having fat for breakfast being more sustaining. Sometimes I spread half an avocado on a slice of millet toast and top it with a tomato slice, and a sprinkling of sea salt and sesame seeds. It's been my favorite breakfast lately since my blender broke.

    Glad to hear Dan is getting back to normal. That really had him down for the count didn't it?

  6. Sarah,

    Yes you can put soap and water in it and it virtually cleans itself. I only do that when it is thick and gooey inside. Although I don't know why I got in that habit. Thanks for the reminder.

    Your current favorite breakfast sounds great to me too. I will keep that one in mind. Do you make your own millet bread or buy it? If you buy it which bread do you like?

    Thanks, we are really happy he is starting to feel better too. :-) The poor baby was really miserable.

    talk to you soon,

  7. Alicia,

    My computer won't let me hit the link to your email and email you.

    The class is here:

    If you send me an email I'll let you know how it goes! bneca AT I'm very excited!

  8. I'm so glad Dan is feeling better and well enough to go back to work. I'm sure that is a great relief to you.
    What a great way to use collards, I would totally eat that for breakfast!

  9. Janet,

    Thanks, we were very happy too! He isn't 100% but is better, so that is great. The doc said it might take the better part of a week.

    This is how I normally use collards. Since we are cutting down of flour they make a good bread substitute. I having stopped looking for more ways to use them. Anything as healthy as they are should be used often. :-)

    talk to you later,

  10. Neca,

    The course sounds great. If I were a little closer I would be taking it too. I hope it is a much fun as it looks. :-)

    talk to you later,

  11. I have never made my own millet bread. I buy the Food for Life brand, my favorite of the moment is Sprouted 7 Grain. So I guess it isn't technically millet bread come to think of it, since millet is just one of the 7 grains :)

  12. Sarah,

    Thanks for the clarificaiton. I assumed you were buying it, but just in case you were baking it was worth asking. ;-) We like the Food for Life brand too when we are having bread.

    Your soup made me hungry last night. Thanks again for the mention.


  13. This looks uber yummy, I wondered if collards would be difficult to roll. Perhaps a mild steam, like 2 minutes would work, without removing the good stuff?

  14. Brandi,

    The thick stem makes them a little tough to roll. If you cut it out completely they aren't wide enough. But slicing the stem/vein thin is a little tricky too. It is easier to leave the wrap whole, versus cutting it like sushi, if you know what I mean. I just like things that are little and bite sized. Dan swears it is a girl thing. LOL.

    A quick steam might help the rolling process. I still have collards in the frig I will try that today or tomorrow and let you know if it makes a difference. Thanks for the suggestion. :-)



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