Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun Facts Friday

(This is a pic I took in Firenze I added it because I am in an Italian state of mind after my questions)

Hello everyone. I hope you are all excited about the long weekend. I know I am. We don’t have any definitive plans but it just nice to know I get to spend three days with my hubby, assuming he doesn’t have to work that is. ;-) What are you doing this weekend, have any plans?

Are you planning any big food activities? We frequently grill "veggie" burgers, seitan hot dogs and fruit for Memorial Day. However since the weather is supposed to be hot again I may just go with raw food instead. Do your tastes change with the weather?

Fun Facts Friday:

I like to write these questions as they pop into my head. Today I was thinking about life in general which is where the first question came from. Reading is something that I try to do every day. I just find it good for my sanity. Italian wine is something that I have loved as long as I can remember. It isn’t the healthiest choice but I still adore it. I can’t remember the last time had a glass but I can also smell and taste it just thinking about it. Here are my questions:

1) What was the favorite time in your life and why? This was a difficult question for me because I am basically a happy person and have enjoyed most of my life. But I have to say that now is my favorite time. With age I have learned to relax and take things as they come. I used to be too focused and hard working to relax long enough to enjoy the little things. I try to do that every day now. I start my day with a mug of green tea and to try to write a few things each morning that I am grateful for. It really seems to help me to put life into perspective. If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it. If any of you want an example so you can do it let me know. I would be happy to write a post about it.

2) Do you have a favorite activity, something that always makes you happy that you do it every chance you get? I love to curl up in my favorite chair with a good book and a cup of green tea. That is my idea of heaven. This is followed closely a long leisurely hot bath with a magazine. See the connection?  I love to relax and read, LOL.

3) What is your favorite indulgence? This was the easiest question of all for me. A nice "chewy" glass of Brunello di Montalcino. Add a piece of dark chocolate to that and I almost melt into the glass. I can think of no better indulgence than that.  Drop me in Firenze or Venezia with the wine and chocolate and I can think of nothing better on earth.  In fact I think of Italy every time I drink Brunello.  Maybe that is why I love it so much. ;-)

Unrelated note:

It is time for me to run my errands and check on the folks. I will be back later. I can’t wait to read your answers. You guys come up with some great stuff. Talk to you soon.


  1. Hmmm, I guess I'd have to say that right now is my favorite time in my life. I try not to dwell in the past and now is so much better than a couple of years ago. My indulgence...surely you know the answer already: pizza!

  2. Heather,

    LOL, pizza is a common theme with you! I do love it too. I can't wait to see what you make tonight for Pizza Friday. I still to make that muffaletta pizza you posted a while back.

    I am glad you are enjoying life now. I think it helps to live in the moment. But I am sure that comes as no surprise to you as much as we have chatted. ;-)


  3. Ali, fun things to think about.

    My favorite time, that is tough. I don't know if this is my favorite time, as I am hoping for some things to improve. Yet, I will say I like myself more now at 48, than any other time. I too was too intense. :) I can't think of a time I would want to trade places with right now, so I am claiming this as my favorite time too. :)

    Reading is my favorite activity. I don't care for fiction. I love reading health/diet books. I would love to drink green tea. I react to it. :( I do drink a cup of coffee each morning. I know, not good. I have tried to replace it many times with teas, not happening. I say a steaming hot bath is next to reading! I love it to be so hot my skin turns bright pink, and my heart rate goes up. :) Love it!

    If I could get away with it, I would indulge in warm chocolate cake, with rich chocolate frosting.
    Also to go with it, a strong cup of black coffee. I am thankful I don't crave these things, I just have fond memories of enjoying them. :)

    Nothing exciting planned for Memorial Day. My husbands company is having a company cook out. I know they will grill some veggies too. I might partake of those.

  4. Naina,

    There are some things about my life that I would much rather change, but overall life is good. I think most of it is due to my perspective. ;-)

    LOL, I love health and nutrition books too! I always have a few waiting to be read. Fiction isn't my thing either. Have you tried roasted barley tea? It tastes a lot like coffee. BTW I do the same thing with the bath. I come out looking like a lobster, LOL.

    Chocolate is food of the gods isn't it? I haven't had a piece of good dark chocolate in probably 6 months. But I do love it with a nice glass of Brunello. *sigh*

    Enjoy the company picnic and your long weekend,

  5. Ah bellissima Firenze! I spent 3 months there last year studying history of art and Italian on my year out before uni- I love Italy.
    Curling up with herbal tea (peppermint is my favourite), dark chocolate and a good book sounds pretty heavently to me too. I think I would choose something similar or maybe cooking a yummy meal for my activity which makes me happy.
    I think my indulgence would be a body massage.
    As for favourite time in my life I hope I'm yet to experience it!
    Emma x

  6. Barley is a gluten grain. :( I have tried so many things it is crazy.

    I do have a cup of tea once every other week. I can rotate, and not have symptoms. I do miss it, after two cups of green tea, my mind is in such a happy place. :)
    Would love to do that daily.

  7. Emma,

    I have spent the most time in Firenze but love all of Italy. I can think of no better place on earth. As my friends would say "my Italian is showing". LOL

    I don't drink peppermint tea often, though I do like it. I will get a mug this afternoon now the you have reminded me of it.

    Things did seem to get better with age for me. ;-)

    I hope you have a great weekend,

  8. Naina,

    Have you tried Yerba Mate? That brings a nice energy boost.

    If I think of anything else I will let you know.


  9. I have tried it too. I can also rotate it in. Coffee is the only thing I can drink on a daily basis without symptoms.

    I have also tried Oolong,white,jasmine,peppermint,
    sencha,fennel,cinnamon, carob,turmeric, and apple cider vinegar as replacement beverages. I can rotate all of these. It is just such a bother. My mind, and body find comfort in habits. I enjoy the familiarity of a warm cup of coffee greeting me every morning. Yet, I would gladly take a healthy tea, if I could get away with it daily.

  10. Naina,

    Looks like you covered everything. Sorry I don't know of anything else. I checked Teeccino and that includes barley too. =(


  11. You frequently grill burgers, hot dogs and fruit for Memorial Day? I didn't see that one coming!

    I've enjoyed most times of my life, but especially now that I'm not working and can do whatever I want (so to speak). One of my favorite almost-daily activities is lying on my massage bed (Ceragem), as long as my back isn't sore. For my favorite indulgences I'll have to go with the red wine & dark chocolate combo...or depending on my mood, a Thai massage. Starting the day with green tea (I'm still searching for one I like) and a gratitude journal sounds like a great idea. Do you have breakfast directly after that or wait a bit?

    We don't have anything planned for the weekend, but I'll also enjoy being home with my hubbie for 3 days. Maybe we'll go for a long hike or meet some friends for dinner. Have a great weekend!

  12. Enjoyed the photo, BTW. Would love to take a trip to Italy sometime. I should make that happen.

  13. Your idea of heaven is pretty much the same as mine...relaxing with a good book, warm bath, a glass of wine and an Italian (or French for me) state of mind:)

  14. Laura,

    LOL, I should have been more specific apparently. I meant veggie burgers and seitan dogs. I don't even think of the meat version any more. Maybe I should modify my post, LOL.

    I love the sound of massage bed. I have to look into that. Thanks for the idea.

    A long hike or dinner with friends sounds like a great idea. Enjoy your weekend.


  15. Laura,

    I highly recommend a trip to Italy. It is my favorite place on earth. I think you would love it.


  16. Aimee,

    I love reading and always have a book or two that I am reading. Wine makes anything better in my opinion. ;-)


  17. I'm curious, was there one particular study that had the most influence on your decision not to drink wine? Or do you abstain mainly because your husband shouldn't drink?

  18. Hi and Happy Weekend,

    Here are my fun fact submissions:

    1)I don't have a favorite time of my life...just thankful to have one at all, and try to live in the here and now as much as possible, but have fond memories of the past and great hopes for the future.

    2)One of my favorite activities is swimming in a lake or in the ocean.

    3)I think I indulge a lot...but I have to say, if I'm honest, and it's not very glamorous...onion rings dipped in ketchup.

  19. This post reminded me I wanted to ask you about green tea. I know it's good for me and have tried a zillion brands of sencha but they all taste like straw to me. I love black tea and coffee and herbal teas but can't find a green tea I enjoy. You use matcha, I think I read. Do you use the powder and whisk it?


  20. "What was the favorite time in your life and why?"

    Right now.

    When I was much younger, I had very strong far-left-wing opinions, and I tried to convince everybody of the rightness ... er, correctness ... of my ideas.

    Now I accept that I can't change the world. I still express strong far-left-wing opinions, but I realize I'm not likely to change any minds. I just try to relax and go with the flow.

  21. My favorite time seems to shift with each new stage in my life. I think I've just had "the time of my life," but then something new and even more exciting comes along, making it my new favorite. Right now I like that I'm getting to know me better--I'm beginning to figure out who I am. Finally.

    My favorite activity is reading. Hands down, and followed only by writing/doodling.

    My favorite indulgence is taking a day off work when I'm not actually sick.

  22. My favorite time in my life was as a child growing up in Iowa with my mom. She made every day special and we had so much fun doing nothing!
    With that said, now that I am married(duh)anytime I spend alone with my husband is my favorite, he makes me feel special and loved even when we are in sweats watching re-runs.
    My favorite activity would have to be reading, especially rereading a favorite book and crying again for the 5th time, just because the story is that good!

    My favorite indulgence would have to be eating something totally off limits and savoring every bite!
    Probably my favorite at the moment would be pizza..

  23. Laura,

    I told Dan that I wouldn't ask him to do anything that I wasn't willing to do. We both love wine, so we both gave it up.

    But there are many studies that indicate it isn't a great idea in terms of cancer. There was one relating wine drinking to breast cancer which got my attention. I think a glass every once in a while is fine but I wouldn't have it every night.

    Maybe I sould write a post on this general topic with links to studies. I wil put that on my list of things to write. Thanks for the idea.


  24. Rose,

    I agree with living in the here and now. It is very easy to do otherwise though. ;-)

    When I was a child I swam almost everyday. I am part fish I think. I would do it everyday now if I could.

    Onion rings are great. I have not had one in ages. I wonder if I can make a healthy version. Hmmmm, that might just be a good project to work on. Thanks for the idea!

    talk to you later,

  25. Elisabeth,

    I drink many types of green tea and matcha is one of them. I use the bags, which is not authentic but much easier.

    Dan didn't always like green tea either. I used to make him a big mug of tea with one green bag and one Earl Grey until he learned to like the green. You can also flavor it it with a splash of pomegranate juice (or other juice) and that makes it less grassy.

    I hope that helps,

  26. Jim,

    I think we all tried to save the world when we were younger, I know I did. Age does have a few benefits and wisdom to know what we can't change seems to be the biggest. ;-)


  27. Jessie,

    I think we are a lot alike. Each day I learn something new about life or myself and that always makes me happy. I am still a big kid at heart. ;-)

    For me reading is great because it means I am learning. I have always loved expanding my horizons and base knowledge.

    I love the idea of day off from work when you aren't sick. Those were always great!

    I hope you are still enjoying the E2L book,

  28. Brandi,

    I love spending time with my hubby too. Last night and this morning I unplugged and did nothing but spend time with Dan. It was great. The perfect start to the long weekend.

    Reading seems to be popular with many of us. I just love learning new things.

    Pizza is good, but I still have to stick with my Brunello. But brunello and pizza would be fabulous. ;-)

    talk to you later,


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