Monday, June 22, 2009

Green Tea in "Science Daily" Today

This morning when I checked Science Daily on-line I found another article on green tea. Since I wrote a post on green tea yesterday I wanted to add the most recent information to the blog today.

If you read the article at Science Daily you will see that green tea may have the ability to reduce the incidence and/or slow the growth of prostate cancer. The article goes on to explain that more testing is necessary to confirm the results. Scientists tend to be reluctant to state definitively that things are correlated without numerous scientific studies.

Returning to the book “Anticancer”, the EGCG that is present in green tea is destroyed when the tea is fermented (turned into black tea). According the author the EGCG blocks the receptors that issue commands for the creation of new blood vessels. Given that my degrees are both in finance, I can’t explain this in a detailed technical manner. However, if you want to study this further go to these three journals: Nature, Medicinal Chemistry Reviews Online or the Journal of Nutrition for more information.

My position is that it will be years, and possibly decades before science has thoroughly studied this topic and why should we wait for the final results to get started drinking green tea everyday. I plan to continue to drink my green tea everyday, and to encourage my husband to drink it often.

Don’t forget to have a little soy when you have green tea to enhance the protective benefits of both the tea and soy. We have been eating dry roasted edamame, or spreading the spicy tofu on toast as a nutrition booster when we have our green tea.


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