Thursday, June 25, 2009


If you follow this link it takes you to an interesting article on “Immunonutrition” which was published by the National Cancer Institute. The article addresses the role of nutrition in the formation of cancer and tumor behavior.

Some of the foods that are discussed are mushrooms, spirulina (blue green algae), flavonoids from soy and cocoa, tea, apple skin, cucumber and others. I find it curious that this topic is being discussed at the National Cancer Institute and yet doctors generally won’t acknowledge a strong causal link.

I interpret this article as another reason to continue to focus on the foods we consume in our house. I believe that if your body is better nourished it is better able to fight disease.

I read another article a while back that talked about how the typical American is malnourished even though they are also overweight. That fact appears crazy until you realize that the standard American diet is full of processed food that has been stripped of most of its nutrition. This may also explain why we as a country spend so much on health care.

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