Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Will’s Last Day – Boo Hoo

In case you hadn’t noticed we are practically part of the family at the restaurant probably because we are there so often. ;-) This is what happens when you go to a restaurant multiple times per week I assume. We are there so often that we introduce ourselves to new employees. It is definitely not your standard restaurant and customer relationship to say the least. Of course we had to go to dinner for Will’s last day at the restaurant. We will definitely be in contact with Will in the future. Since Will is also a big fan of Jose Andres we will need to make a pilmigrage to DC for dinner some evening soon. Just because Will is no longer at the restaurant doesn’t mean we won’t see him.

For our “last meal” Will made recipes just for us for the last time (so sad). :-(  The first dish was a salad of cucumber, carrot and red bell pepper in a spicy Asian sauce.

The second course was avocado slices with a black bean, tomato and corn salsa.

The last course was a pomegranate molasses roasted tomatoes and asparagus on a whole wheat flat bread.

We stuck around until Will was ready to leave to chat for a little while and met his lady friend Becca which was nice. Turns out his girl friend Becca is also a sailor which gave us something to chat about besides Will. :-)  It was very sad for us to see Will leave the restaurant but we also know that he needs to be exposed to other chefs to broaden his experience. 

However on the upside, and there always is one, that means Ian will be making more "special" dishes for us in the future. It is tough to be sad about that.  :-)  Ian is so incredibility talented so I love to see what the flavor combinations he comes up with.  Yes I know we are spoiled and we both appreciate it.  The restaurant is really our home away from home.

Happy Thoughts:

• Although my week has been crazy hectic it has also been good. I loved spending Monday and Tuesday with Dan joining him for the “road trip” portion of his meetings. There really is nothing better than spending most of 4 days with my sweetie pie.

• Wednesday was a good day but also busy. I went to cooking class which was a lot of fun as usual and before that I stopped at DSW for shoes. There are few things that get me more jazzed than shoes. Aren’t these Anne Klein flats adorable? Since purple and pink are my favorite colors these were meant for me so I bought them.

• Tomorrow I am meeting my girlfriend Deirdre for lunch which I am very jazzed about. I haven’t mentioned this before but my girlfriend moved from Annapolis close to us a couple weeks ago. Needless to say I am looking forward to seeing her much more often. Hopefully tomorrow will be the first of many girls’ lunches. :-)

• It was nice to not have to rush out the door this morning. I loved being able to take my time exercising. Who said that? LOL

Signing out:

It is almost 11pm and I have only been home for about 30 minutes. Sorry this post is so short but once again I have run out of time. Whenever people say they would be bored if they retired as young as I did I wonder how that can be since I rarely have any free time.

Tomorrow should be a little less hectic. My plan is to translate that extra time into a nice long post. Talk to you again tomorrow. I hope you week is going as well as mine has been.


  1. The food looks amazing, but oh my goodness those SHOES!!! :)

  2. Jackie,

    The salad was amazing I need to catch up with Will and coax him into sharing the dressing with me. :-)

    I loved those shoes, LOL, and they were 30% off so I couldn't resist. But I have a bit of Emelda Marcos in me. As soon as I saw the shoes I thought white pants, a fushcia top and a patterned scarf for a belt. Yes I can be a bit of a girly girly. LOL


  3. Hi Ali,

    Sorry I haven't been by in a while. I hope you're having an excellent summer!

  4. Aimee,

    No problem, sorry I haven't been around either. Seems like I have no time lately so I understand other people being too busy to stop by.

    Hope all is well with you too,

  5. Get Skinny, Go Vegan,

    The flat bread was good and simple. The pomegranate molasses roasted tomatoes are great on anything and everything. :-)



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