Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Earth’s Essence

I want to post this for the Baltimore locals. If you are ever on the north side of Baltimore near Belvedere Square stop at Earth’s Essence for a fresh juice. This was our lunch on Monday before the raw dinner at Great Sage.

We ordered the Vita-Cocktail and Summer Salad. The Vita-Cocktail was sweet from the carrots and the Summer Salad was more savory. Even though they were both fresh vegetable juices they were very different. Crazy right?

Here is part of the fresh juice menu.

They also have snowballs in case you have kids or less than health obsessed husbands.

Earth’s Essence is fairly close to us but I would go out of my way for their fresh vegetable juice. They will also make a made to order juice if you have a combination you like. If you have been I would love to know your favorite juice. The Summer Salad with a little sherry vinegar is my current favorite.

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  1. Ali, the juice/smoothie menu is inspiring. I'm having a smoothie of kale, peach, and nectarine this morning -- pretty good but with a hint of "sulfur," so the next glass may get a couple of pineapple chunks.

    You hinted at something new to come recently . . . what's up? :-)


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