Sunday, September 20, 2009

VeganMoFo - theme?

For those of you that don’t know VeganMoFo runs for the entire month of October, and I will be participating. If you don’t know what VeganMoFo is you can read more about it here.

During the month of October I will be posting everyday, not much of a stretch for me. However I would like to have a theme for my October posts and want to know if any of you have thoughts on this. I am considering the following ideas:

o Veganizing recipes from the CIA’s “Professional Chef” each day
o Recipes from a different non-vegan cookbook a day, made vegan
o Focus on recipes using local in-season farmers market produce each day in October
o Veganize a different sauce from James Peterson’s “Sauce” cookbook each day and use it in a recipe
o Focus on a different vegetable or fruit each day
o Classic comfort food made vegan

Do any of these ideas appeal to you? Is there something else you would rather see? If you have any ideas you would to share please let me know. Otherwise I am leaning toward either item 1 or 2 above. Please let me know if you have an opinion. Thanks!


  1. I vote for either 1 or 3. I was thinking about doing the VeganMoFo...but I don't know whether I can get a post up everyday.

    October is my favorite month of the year, hands down. I can't wait to see what you come up with.


  2. Rose,

    Thanks for weighing in. My husband likes option 3 as well. Maybe I could combine options 1 and 3.

    Posting everyday is much easier for me since my schedule is so flexible. Otherwise I probably wouldn't try it.

    I love October too. The beginning of new fall produce is always so exciting. I am such a food geek. ;)


  3. Louis,

    I am still laughing. That was such a guy answer. You are a man of few words, or in this case numbers.

    Thanks for letting me know which one you like.


  4. Focus on a different vegetable or fruit each day

    i like this idea the best

    Classic comfort food made vegan

    this one i dont think that you could go wrong on.

    ha i just saw louis answer

  5. Michelle,

    Thanks for letting me know what you think. I agree that classic comfort food made vegan would be universally appealing. Maybe I will make something like that this week. Any suggestions?

    Do you have any specific vegetabls or fruits you would like me to work with?


  6. I like the idea of a combo of 1 and 3. We'll be harvesting lots of winter squash in October, so would love some ideas for that (hint, hint) :)

  7. Felicity,

    Thanks for weighing in on the theme. I really appreciate the input.

    Any particular variety of winter squash you would like me to cover or are you growing them all? My husband and I like winter squash a lot too, but unlike you and Rose I am not much of gardener so we buy ours.


  8. Hi Alicia,

    The varieties we are growing this year are Blue Banana, Jaspee de Vendee, Baby Bear, and Uchiki Kuri But I think any generic winter squash or pumpkin recipes would work with any of them.

    Looking forward to Vegan MoFo!

  9. Felicity,

    Between you and Rose I am definitely getting encouraged to try gardening again. I have only seen two of the four varieties you mentioned at our local farm market.

    I will make certain to work in squash recipes very soon. The local varieties are just starting to come in here.



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