Monday, September 7, 2009

Green Tea is Better Absorbed with Vitamin C and Sucrose?

Anyone that reads my blog regularly knows that I am obsessed with green tea. My husband and I drink anywhere from 6 to 10 cups a day. We choose green tea over water whenever possible. Lately we have been adding fresh sliced ginger to our tea to increase the health benefits of our daily beverage.

An abstract I read today was the second one to suggest that vitamin C helps the body to get more benefits from the green tea. Since I had vitamin C powder at home I decided to add a ¼ teaspoon of vitamin C powder to our mugs of double green tea today.

I am having difficulty adding sucrose to our tea as the abstract suggests. I know that sugar feeds cancer; so adding it our daily beverage is not something I would do without a lot more research. I checked the sugar composition of agave and it is fructose and glucose so that won’t work. If/when I find out more information on glucose helping the body to absorb more antioxidants I will blog about it. For now I will only be adding powdered vitamin C to our green tea with ginger.


  1. I know you're vegan, but have you checked into honey? It's much better than sugar but it does come from an animal. Maybe pure maple syrup would be good too... It might change the flavor too much though.

  2. Janelle,

    That is a good idea. I was planning on comparing all the sugars. I should add honey to the analysis. It will probably be a few days before I get it finished and ready to post.



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