Monday, September 21, 2009

Green Drink September 2009 Update

As you know I read a lot of books on nutrition and health. When I was reading the book “Life Over Cancer” the doctor recommended supplementing our diet with green drinks. He didn’t suggest any particular brand but it was clear he meant grass and sea vegetable drinks. Needless to say off the Whole Foods I went to find a green drink. Having no idea what to buy I started with the one that had no added sugar and was expensive (assuming the increase in cost meant it included more nutrient dense ingredients).

My first taste of this green drink was eye opening, and not in a good way. I couldn’t believe people drank enough of this stuff to keep the company in business since 1992. My husband and I both tried to drink it occasionally always with the same result.

Last weekend we decided we were going to drink a half serving each morning and evening until the container was empty to see if we would get used to the taste. The craziness thing happened, we are now both accustomed to the taste and it is no longer something we have to do but something we choose to do. It took about 6 servings but we both found that our taste buds grew to accept the beverage and the taste that was once assertive is now mild to both of us.

Why am I sharing this story? There are few reasons. First, I do believe that adding more greens to your diet is healthy and provides the body with nutrients that help it to operate at peak efficiency. Second, if you try something that is good for you and don’t like it, give it a few more chances. I would have never expected both my husband and I to grow to accept the green drink, but we have. The taste is now very mild and not the least bit offensive. How this happened I don’t understand but it did and I am happy that we kept trying to drink it until our body accepted the flavor.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy day.


  1. haha i remember reading your first post on how you were trying to get into it. you should link back to that post on this one.

  2. Michelle,

    Good suggestion. I should have linked back to the prior posts. They are all tagged with green powder if anyone wants to read them. If I get time tomorrow I will put links in the post.



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