Friday, September 25, 2009

11 Cancer Fighting Foods

I read an interesting article on the Stanford School of Medicine Health Improvement website called Live Strong Live Well for cancer survivors that I wanted to share with everyone. The information that caught my eye was regarding the 11 foods cancer survivors should be eating. We consume all of these regularly, but the author does a nice job of explaining why each food group is important.

The foods included on the list are:

- beans
- berries
- cruciferous vegetables
- dark leafy greens
- flaxseeds
- garlic and onion family
- grapes
- green tea
- soy
- tomatoes
- whole grains

I found it particularly notable that soy was included on the list since soy has some fanatical detractors that seem to become unhinged at the mention of the food. I have never bought into the hype that soy is detrimental, but do agree that soy isolate protein powder is probably best consumed in moderation if at all. Traditional soy foods have been consumed for thousands of years and those populations have the lowest levels of cancer and heart disease.

If you get a chance take a look at the article on the Live Strong Live Well website it is very well written and informative.


  1. Hi Alicia,

    Thanks for the info...what a healthy list! Also, I think it's important to buy organic as much as possible. I believe it's much better value for money. I agree with you on the soy issue, as long as it's non-GMO.


  2. Rose,

    I agree completely on the organic produce and non-GMO soy. We also try to buy organic soy when possible. The organic silken tofu is hit or miss here, but all the other tofu products are easy to find in an organic form.

    I was thinking about you earlier today. You must be swamped with school. Hopefully you are enjoying yourself and learning a lot.


  3. I know, I've missed the blogosphere the past few days...crazy project with insane boss plus study for school...makes Rose a dull girl. (ha, ha)

  4. So sorry to hear about the insane boss. I think we have all had at least one of those in the past. Not too stressful I hope.

    At least studying sounds fun, even if it is time consuming.

  5. I just love your blog! Thanks for all the great recipes and healthful info!

    When you have a minute, please come by my humble little blog to pick up an award for having an exceedingly charming blog...

  6. Nanny Dee,

    Thank you so much for the reward! It came at exactly the right time as sometime I wonder if anyone is reading what I write and whether I should continue. Your timing could not have been more perfect.

    Sorry to hear about your dad. I can only imagine your grief. Try to focus on the good times, if you can.



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