Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday Evening and Crazy Friday

After the marine electronics workshop we made a beeline to the restaurant for dinner. Since the workshop didn’t end until almost 8pm there was no way I would going to have time to make dinner at home.

It was a scorcher outside so we actually ate inside. Shocking, right? Ian was on his way out when we arrived so he stopped for a few minutes to get a quick update on the sailboat. He mentioned to me that he had some baby eggplant in the kitchen in case I wanted the guys to do something with that and then he headed for home.

We chatted with Jonathan, Jen, Jacqueline, Steph and Janine and ordered dinner. We decided to stay pretty much to the menu and ordered the following:

Our first course was two cups of gazpacho which they only had to leave the crab topping off and it was vegan.

For our second course we shared Ian’s version of a samosa. Dan really loves this dish so I only had two bites, literally. It is filled with diced potato, lentil and golden raisins along with Indian spices. The plate has mixed greens and sriracha and the cilantro lime dipping sauce which also contains curry is the bomb. ;-)

Our entrée was a bowl the Szechuan mushrooms and tofu over cilantro and lime dressed cucumber noodles. We asked the guys to add eggplant to the dish and they split two and grilled them which I thought was a great idea.

Aren’t we lucky to have a special place where we can stop in and find something vegan to eat without having to jump through hoops? 


Like my usual Friday this one has been hectic and out of control. I started my morning with a quick trip through the neighborhood. It was my intention to do 4+ miles but at the 15 minute mark I turned around and headed for home. With temperatures in the mid-90’s by 10am and high humidity I was nothing but a sweat ball by the time I got home. Today was definitely a day to stay inside in the AC. I can’t remember a day where the heat index was 115 at 11am before. Seriously I was so hot when I got home all I wanted to do was drink water. *ugh*

I also had a webinar today and needed to check in on my parents and do a little housework for them. It has been one of those days where I am running around chasing my tail all day.


My Massimo has decided that he needs to eat his meals from mommy’s hand. I know I started this because he wasn’t eating but he is starting to take things too far. *rolls eyes* Is it any wonder that I don’t feel like I am in control around here? LOL

Jazz Concert Tonight:

Now I need to make myself presentable and head downtown to meet Dan because we are going to Annapolis this evening to hear Peter White and Gerald Albright. Thank goodness the concert is inside because an outdoor concert would be purely miserable today.

Photography Seminar Tomorrow:

Early tomorrow I am going to a digital photography seminar/workshop which should be a lot of fun. I am sure you have all realized that I enjoy taking pictures. My intention for this workshop is to learn more about the functionality of my camera since I know I don’t use it to the fullest.

Happy thoughts:

• Massimo is definitely continuing to improve. He has a wonderful appetite and even played with his little brother today for the first time in days.

• The marine electronic seminar went well. Dan and I both decided that we won’t have any trouble using the electronics. It was a great idea to see them function on land rather than trying to learn how to use them while we are underway. ;-)

• It has been a crazy Friday but is has also been a good day. Things is Grenada are going extremely well. Most of the items have been crossed off the to-do list. The upcoming sea trial should go off without incident. *finger crossed*

• I love to hear music live and am looking forward to the jazz concert this evening. I will tell more about that in my next post.

Signing out:

Things continue to crop up and get in the way of my posting the Middle Eastern eggplant stew. Let’s hope I can make that happen tomorrow after the photography seminar.

I need to get moving and figure out what I am going to wear this evening. Enjoy your weekend and I will talk to you again soon.


  1. Yep, Masi is again looking like the king of the castle! ;)

    Enjoy the concert! I'm working on getting tickets to see Hair because in a moment of weakness my husband said he'd go with me (he hates "glam" & hard rock).

  2. What a cutie! I love that shot. Glad he is improving day by day, and hopefully he'll start feeding himself soon again and give you a break :)


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