Monday, July 18, 2011

Massimo is Sick Again and a New Hummus Flavor

My poor baby finished his run of antibiotics and now he is vomiting. Fortunately his urinary system isn’t blocked but I also don’t know why his gastrointestinal system is upset. It looks like we will be going back to the vet tomorrow. At the very least I will be on the phone again in the morning to talk to doc. Monday I spent most of my day tracking Masi to make certain that he was able to urinate. I have all the fun don’t I? I love that little fuzzy man so I don’t mind. He is so quiet when he moves that he is much harder to follow around than you would expect.

While my baby was sleeping I took the opportunity to make two new varieties of hummus. I got the flavor ideas from the hummus man at the farmers’ market on Sunday.

The first variety was wasabi and pickled ginger. All I did was cook some dried chickpeas until they were very soft and pureed them with a little of the cooking liquid. To this I added some wasabi powder and pickled ginger. Since I thought it needed a topping I tried three options: black sesame seeds, Eden shake (sesame seeds and shiso leaf) and a mix of black and white sesame seeds with dried ginger granules. I wasn’t sure what to expect but this didn’t really taste anything like hummus. The texture was like hummus but the flavor was more like sushi. I really liked this and will be playing with more exotic hummus variations now.

I will tell you all about the second variety tomorrow.  I am holding back in case I am busy tomorrow taking care of my little fuzzy baby. 

Happy thoughts:

It was an unusual day so my happy thoughts are not at all like normal. Here is what I am thankful for today:

• While I hate that Masi is sick I am very happy that his urinary system isn’t blocked. Both Dan and I love this little angel and will do anything that is necessary to resolve this problem for him.

• I enjoyed the hummus experimentation today and feel like a whole new world has opened to me. Expect to see some crazy bean dip variations soon as I play around more with this concept.

• I have a lot of fun planned for this week which gives me something to look forward to. The photography seminar and jazz concert should be a lot of fun. If Masi isn’t feeling better thankfully I can cancel my other plans if necessary. I hate to cancel things but my family comes first.

• Dan saw an old friend today which I am sure he enjoyed, though he would never admit it.

• Things are going well in Grenada which also makes us both very happy.

• We went to the harbor last night to watch the sunset and to pick up Dan’s car from the garage. I took some nice photos of the  harbor as the sun was setting which made me happy. As you know I love to take pictures. It is good to remind myself that I am capable of photographing things other than food and cats.

Signing out:

Dan needs to get up at 5am for a trip to Richmond tomorrow so we need to wind down. Talk to you again soon, hopefully tomorrow.  *fingers crossed*


  1. Sorry to hear about your cat troubles, Ali. I hope things clear up soon.

  2. Food Feud (M),

    Thanks very much! It is frustrating when the fur chldren are sick because they can't tell us what is wrong. For the moment I am happy that his urinary system isn't blocked. Now we just need to figure out why he is vomitting. Once I talk to my regular vet tomorrow morning I am sure I will feel much better.

    hope you had a good Monday,

  3. Ali, I know antibiotics can cause stomach upsets in humans so I assume it can in cats also. I think it's something to do with the antibiotics killing off good bacteria along with the bad.

    I hope this is all that's wrong in Massimo's case as I'm sure it can be easily put right. I hope he feels better soon.

    It's awful when your babies (human or otherwise!) are sick and you feel so helpless. But I know he'll be getting lots of extra fusses!

  4. Carol,

    Thanks, I am hoping that the antibiotics caused it too. The vet I spoke to yesterday said that this sometimes happens with the specific med Masi was taking but that it usually starts much sooner if that is the cause. Masi slept last night and I haven't found any evidence that he was sick during the night yet, which is good.

    Thanks for thinking about us,

  5. I hope your little guy is feeling better!


  6. Thanks Courtney,

    Masi is going to the vet tomorrow morning for tests. We need to fast him tonight so he can get anesthesia, otherwise he won't tolerate getting his blood drawn. While he is under we are going to xray him so that he doesn't need anesthia a second time. Hopefully we will know more tomorrow. I hate it when my fur children are sick.

    Thanks for the well wishes,

  7. Sorry to hear about your cat, it's always concerning when they're sick. I'm really intrigued with your experiments in hummus flavours- I enjoy different hummus flavours too- my favourite is lime and coriander (cilantro). I love the sound of wasabi and pickled ginger hummus, and also your sweet lemon and poppy seed. I've never seen or even considered a sweet hummus. It sounds so amazing. I'm going to experiment a bit more too.... Thanks for the inspiration. And the tip about blending the chickpeas while they're still warm.


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