Thursday, May 7, 2009

Homemade Truffle Salt

Have you looked at the price of truffle salt lately? I can’t believe how much they charge for the stuff. I started to wonder if you could make it yourself. After all, I make my own cumin salt, fennel salt, porcini salt and vanilla salt why should truffle salt be any different.

I received fresh truffles from Earthy Delights for a present this past Christmas. When you shave fresh truffles you always end up with little ends that are too small to shave that you don’t want to throw away. I took my finest microplane grater and grated the ends of the truffles and mixed it with fine sea salt. I have kept this homemade truffle salt in the refrigerator for the last four months and it has stored beautifully. The aroma of truffle has become deeper as the salt was stored. It takes very little finishing salt to create a nice heady aroma of truffle to a finished dish.

I happen to love anything related to mushrooms and particularly truffles. I use truffle salt to finish any mushroom dish where I would use truffle oil. Sometimes I use both truffle salt and truffle oil. I use both truffle salt and oil when the flavor of the dish is predominantly that of mushroom.

I will post other salt recipes in the future. For now, enjoy the truffle salt.

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