Thursday, May 7, 2009

What makes a good vegan breakfast?

I had received a lot of great input and ideas from people regarding what they would like to see on the blog. One of the more interesting questions I have received is ‘what does a vegan eat for breakfast?’ If you have eaten this way for more than six months this is an easy question. However, I remember back to when we first made the change how difficult it was for me to think of something to have for breakfast.

Breakfast in America is usually a meat and meat by-product fest. This becomes even more obvious if you need to travel for work. Most hotels have omelets, bacon and eggs, pancakes, toast with butter, and muffins. Not much in that list for a vegan to eat. However there are many options of items a vegan can eat for breakfast. I have complied a list of the items we like to have at home for breakfast:

- Whole wheat wrap with peanut butter, sliced apple and raisins
- Fresh fruit salad with a little agave and fresh mint
- Oatmeal topped with dried fruit and nuts made with soy milk
- Smoothie made with frozen fruit and soymilk
- Dinner leftovers (a very popular item)
- Whole grain toast with earth balance and fig jam
- Silken tofu and veggie frittata
- Vegan waffles with warm fruit topping
- Whole grain bagel with tofu cream cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion
- Whole grain wrap with fat free hummus, greens and sesame or sunflower seeds
- Carrot cake bran muffin

If you keep a few items on hand at all times you can always make a quick meal and run out the door. We use a lot of whole grain wraps in our house. Salad greens are another item that we always have on hand. Soymilk, frozen fruit and hummus are also refrigerator staples.

If you like to cook taking a favorite family recipe for waffles, pancakes or muffins and making the recipe vegan is very easy. I replace the dairy milk with soymilk and the eggs with the powdered egg replacers they sell at the store.

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