Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today's kitchen experiment - dried beans in the slow cooker

The picture is totally unrelated to the post. That is a photo of our youngest turkish angora, Nicco. Now that I have posted a completely gratuitous cat photo, I will return to thoughts of cooking.

Last night in cooking class I mentioned that I make my dried beans in the slow cooker, and to my surprise no one else in class makes them this way. A long time ago I heard that the first crockpot was designed to be a bean cooker. With that premise in mind I began using the slow cooker for my dried beans years ago. Whenever it is hot, or I am too busy to be near the kitchen for hours I use my slow cooker to make a big batch of beans.

Today I decided to make my Egyptian style beans using the slow cooker. I will post the final directions later today after I have documented exactly high long the beans are in the slow cooker.


  1. so unique looking! i loved the story about your first turkish cat and im sorry that that cat is gone now.

  2. dirtyduck,

    Nicco says thanks for the compliment (he thinks he is gorgeous .... he has quite the attitude). The first turk died almost 8 years ago and we still miss him. He had a long happy life.


  3. He is very handsome. I'm going to start doing my beans in the slow cooker...I don't know why I hadn't thought of that before!

  4. Rose,

    Nicco loves compliments I will be certain to tell him.

    Beans are great in the slow cooker. I have been doing them that way for years. At least one of the ladies in the cooking class has starting making them that way now too. We were talking about it last week and she told me her beans are normally ready in 4 hours and she doesn't soak them. I didn't think to ask if she does them on high. Typically I cook mine on low and cook them while we sleep and it works well.



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