Friday, December 11, 2009

Baked Squash Seeds with Turmeric, Black Pepper and Garlic

Each time I make a fresh squash I save the seeds and either dehydrate or bake them. Since we had the buttercup squash yesterday I had seeds leftover. I decided to post the baking method today because I remember reading on someone’s blog that they were having difficulty baking the seeds and not burning them.

This really is more of a method than a recipe. Here are the steps:

Clean the seeds of the interior membrane and soak (I did this overnight), then drain and pat dry.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees (I used my convection setting).

Place the seeds on a baking sheet. Drizzle them with a little oil, add turmeric, black pepper and garlic powder and toss to coat. How much of each you use depends on how many seeds you are baking. You only need enough oil to lightly coat the seeds.

Bake the seeds in a single layer for 15 minutes. The seeds will pop a little in the oven as they bake.

Cool the seeds and enjoy. We eat them as a snack or put them on salad, cooked grains, or curries.

You can use any seasonings that you like. I used turmeric and black pepper for the cancer protective properties. The seeds are also good with chili powder, cayenne, or nutritional yeast.

If you are interested in instructions for the dehydrated version they are posted here.


  1. Yummy, I never thought to add turmeric to squash seeds!

  2. Janet,

    Thanks! I am thinking of using them as a soup garnish tonight.

    My husband claims I will put turmeric on anything. And ... he may have a point. But if it is half as beneficial as they say it is for killing and preventing cancer, I don't think you can use it too much. :)


  3. I feel dumb, I only think to save pumpkin seeds!

  4. Heather,

    I have baked acorn squash seeds, buttercup squash seeds, even spaghetti squash seeds. One day I tried it with something other than pumpkin and worded great so I kept doing it. I think all seeds are very similar in terms of nutrition.



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