Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good Price - 2 Quart Round Oven by Le Creuset

(Source: Bloomingdale's website)

If anyone is in the market for a 2 Quart Le Creuset Dutch oven check out the price at Bloomingdale's.

I use this size pan all the time and just ordered another one. If you think you might be interested you should purchase it soon. This deal may not last long.

For those of you unfamilar with Le Creuset these pans are wonderful for holding the heat since they are enamel coated cast iron. I find that I can cook dishes using much lower heat when I use these pans. Lower heat for me means less gas emitted into the house from the stove which is a good thing. Additionally I like that the pans aren't coated in non-stick. The enamel coating makes them easy to clean. The interior will discolor over time if you make a lot of tomato based products, like I do. I have purchased many Le Creuset pots and use them all the time. I use these pots to cook beans, brown rice, soups and stews.

Happy Shopping.


  1. Thanks so much for the tip!
    We ordered 2 for Christmas gifts.

  2. Suzi,

    You are very welcome! Glad I could help, and thank you for letting me know.

    I was so pleasantly surprised by the price I wanted to share. If I see any other great deals I will post them.



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