Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Soy Reduces Inflammation

I have long believed that chronic inflammation is a promoter if not the cause of most disease. Any article that mentions inflammation I am definitely going to read with great interest. This abstract discusses the connection between soy and inflammation.

Soy is one of those foods that people either love or hate. I happen to enjoy soy in most forms but try to avoid soy protein isolate due to the reports that it is linked to an increase in breast cancer risk. Many people I know that don’t like tofu are very quick to say that it causes cancer, which I think is ludicrous. As concerned as I am about cancer I am not at all concerned about eating whole soy foods like edamame, soymilk, and tofu.

When you read the abstract you will see that soy flour is also high in the compound (lunasin) that is linked to a decrease inflammation. Once I read this I knew what I was making for dinner tonight. Expect to see a chili recipe tonight with wheat berries and tvp.

Unrelated note:

I need to get moving and start making a batch or two of seitan for the freezer. I will be back later with the chili recipe and possibly a new salad dressing recipe.

I hope you are all having a great day!


  1. Alicia, do you think tvp ever goes stale? I have some VERY old tvp in my fridge and wonder whether I can use it or should just toss it.

  2. Cindy,

    I do think tvp can go bad. Since soy contains fat I am assuming it could go rancid. I would say if you smell it and it doesn't smell rancid it should be fine. Rancid fat definitely has an unpleasant aroma so you should know. If you have kept it in the frig it shouldn't have gone rancid. I store mine in the freezer and it seems to last forever.



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