Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Day Sunshine... Life is Like a Song

After our grey, rainy Saturday it was wonderful to wake up to blue skies and abundant sunshine this morning. It is a little cool and breezy but still welcome weather after the day of rain.

We were up very late last night and decided that sleep was more important than the farmers’ market this morning. Clearly we need to get back on our early morning schedule so that doesn’t happen next week. *rolls eyes*

Breakfast was our usual fare of savory oatmeal for me and a green smoothie for Dan with extra walnuts, wheat germ and ground flax. Since I used the end of the kale in Dan’s smoothie we need to make a Whole Foods run soon for more organic kale.

I am getting into a new routine of catching up on my internet health and wellness reading early in the day and posting links to the interesting articles to Facebook as I find them. Today I finally decided to buckle down and figure out how to use the page I set up for the blog. Well to make a long story short apparently something isn’t set up right because even Dan couldn’t figure it out and he is good with technology, unlike me. I set up a second account and will be posting there anything that is food or health related. I added a link on the left side of the blog. Apparently you need Facebook to see the link from what I have gathered talking to people.

Lunch with my parents was a simple affair. I made a black-eyed pea soup that I gave a little Caribbean flavor with allspice, oregano, cayenne and lime.  It also included dried mushrooms for extra nutrition.  I never get tired of bean soup I could eat it everyday, and frequently do.

I also made a quick salad to accompany the soup which was baby spinach, thinly sliced cucumber, carrot and red bell pepper. I dressed the salad with a mixture of Dijon, low sat fat coconut milk substitute and a pinch of stevia. I finished the salad with sliced almonds for crunch.

Dinner was a big salad of spinach, cucumber, carrot, artichokes, tomatoes and lentil salad from yesterday with the dressing from lunch. BTW the lentil salad definitely has been flavor the second day. ;-)

After the salad Dan had a big bowl of strawberry banana soft serve for dessert. I am sure he feels very deprived since he hasn’t had soft serve in weeks. My hubby would eat this every night for dessert if I would make it for him.

Happy thoughts:

• The weather today was gorgeous so we got a few things done outside today.

• The mid-day meal with my parents was uneventful which is about as good as it gets. Both of my omni parents enjoyed the salad but only my father ate the soup. *shakes head* I told my mother that I had pressure cooked the beans which makes them easier to digest but she still didn’t eat it. Needless to say I am sure she ate something very unhealthy right after lunch.

• Dan and I had a nice relaxing day today other than the annoyance of working with Facebook. It did make me feel better that Dan couldn’t figure out the first account either since he is a computer whiz typically. In the end I set up a second account and now all is fine though I suspect it is going to take me a while to remember to change identities as I go between accounts.

• We had a nice walk through the neighborhood this evening after lunch and before dinner. I always enjoy getting outside for a walk particularly in the spring when everything is just starting to bloom.

• The coming week is much less hectic than we have had the last month or so. I am looking forward to some tea, reading and relaxing tomorrow which will be perfect since rain is predicted.

Signing out:

It is time for me to wind down for the evening. I hope you had a great weekend and that your coming week will be a good one. Talk to you again tomorrow. Good night!


  1. Cool on Facebook - I will definitely "like" you on FB when it is setup!

  2. Possum (N),

    Thanks it is set up...finally. Unfortunately there are two accounts since I can't delete the first one. However only one page has activity.

    Hope all is going well with you, hugs,

  3. Love the flowers. So pretty. Glad you had some sunshine! The lentil salad looks great. I have been really lax in cooking off beans lately...

  4. Heather,

    I enjoy spring flowers so I thought others would too. There is something very cheerful about them to me. ;-)

    I think we would starve without beans since we eat them so often. There is a little more lentil salad in the frig as well as bean soup from yesterday and I am getting ready to make white beans for bean cheeze later. You must be eating more tofu and tempeh than we do. Which now that you mentioned it I guess you do. I go in cycles on beans versus tofu or tempeh.

    I hope you are having a good Monday,

  5. I "liked" your vegan epicurean page, so yay! I love the "spring is sprung" pics of your neighborhood. Beautiful!


  6. At work it was obvious spring was here with all the Snap dragons heavy with bloom.
    Made a lentil salad the other day too...they are delicious! Good luck with the tech stuff. It's never that much fun!

  7. Lolly,

    Thanks, I really appreciate it. :-)

    I love spring too. Can't wait for the azaleas to start blooming. Woo hoo!


  8. Johnna,

    Snap dragons were always one of my favorites. I should plant some in my garden now that you have reminded me of them.

    I love lentils in salad too.

    Me and tech stuff aren't the best of friends. Fortunately I have my hubby who is good with computers. ;-)

    have a great evening,


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