Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DC Cherry Blossom Update

Monday I was without my laptop after being infected with the Windows Expansion “something” virus. What an irritation that was. *boo hiss* Thankfully Dan was able to resolve the issue but it did take some time which meant I had mostly a technology free day on Monday. It was odd not having my computer. If it weren’t for my smart phone I would have felt completely lost. LOL, Louis I can see you laughing at me now.  ;-)  Does that count as my technology free day?  I think it should count.  LOL

Tuesday we spent the day in DC, going to Jaleo and looking at the cherry blossoms. It was crazy in DC today the traffic was a nightmare and there were tourists everywhere because today was forecast to be the only nice day of the entire Cherry Blossom Festival.  Heck that is why we went today too so I shouldn't complain.  ;-)

However the absolute highlight of my day was meeting Jose Andres. You all know how much I adore him and he is charming, humble and gracious in person.  Can you be a chef groupie?  If you can I think that would be a good desciption of me.  ;-)  I was “practically” speechless which my husband has never seen in over 24 years which is really saying something.  When I met Clint Eastwood about 10 years ago I was able to maintain myself, but with Jose I was awestruck.  LOL, at least I can laugh at myself and that has to be a good sign.  I will tell you all about our day very soon. It is late here and we just got home from dinner.

Before leaving the DC area also stopped at the Mediterranean Bakery (Alexandria, VA) and picked up groceries (spices, dried beans, whole grains, dried fruit, etc).  I always find things there that are not easy to get elsewhere.  It is a great little store that seems to carry mostly Middle Eastern and Turkish items but they also have a lot of Italian food which I gravitate toward.  Gee, I wonder why?

I have included a few pictures from DC to whet your appetite. Talk to you again soon, hopefully tomorrow before cooking class. Yes … something else to tell you about. I hope you had a great Tuesday, we sure did. Good night!

(Washington Monument)

(Cherry Blossoms with Jefferson Monument in the background)

(close up of the cherry blossoms)


  1. Hungry Vegan Traveler,

    Thank you so much. There will be many more to come tomorrow. I literally took hundreds of pics and have more to share. You can expect a few more pictures in the next post. I haven't had time to review any of them in detail yet.

    thanks again,

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos. We have a Cherry Blossom Festival here and the Botanical Garden said this year they expect an extra large turnout because of its meaningfulness to the Japanese in light of the tsunami.

  3. Foodfeud (M),

    I didn't realize you had a cherry blossom festival in NY. The DC event is always a zoo. But I would like to think more people were there to show solidarity with the Japanese people.

    enjoy what is left of your evening,

  4. Heather,

    Thanks for letting me know you liked them. I took many pictures but haven't really had time to look at most of them all let alone edit. I am hoping to have time today between my to-do list and cooking class. *fingers crossed* Who said retirement was for relaxing? ;-)


  5. GORGEOUS!! My favorite is the one with the Jefferson Monument in the background, lovely.

    Looking forward to hearing about the cooking class!

  6. Sarah,

    Thanks very much for letting me know that you enjoyed the pictures. It was a good day in DC. I will be writing about it in more detail very soon.

    I will tell you all about cooking class too. It will be a lot of fun I am sure.

    talk to you soon,

  7. I missed this!
    Just caught it - lovely photos, as usual.
    Congrats on meeting Jose, Ali!!!
    Angelic hugs,

  8. Teresa,

    DC was beautiful yesterday, a zoo but beautiful nonetheless. I am still over the moon about meeting Jose. ;-) No doubt that was the highlight of my week so far. He is so gracious and humble. When you add to that he thinks fruits and vegetables are sexy I am pretty smitten. LOL

    talk to you later,

  9. Those are gorgeous photos, especially the top one. Maybe one day I will be in town for the festival. That looks like a great day, and what a bonus to get some special food.

    I just got a smart phone and I am loving it. I thought I didn't need one, and I guess that is true, but ... :) I'm glad your laptop is running again.

  10. I am so very jealous :) I've wanted to make it down there for a long time. Somehow, though, it always sneaks up on me- I always think it's later in the Spring. Too bad it hasn't been warmer D:


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