Friday, April 2, 2010

Blueberries May Protect Your Muscles

This abstract caught my attention this morning. Here is yet another reason to include blueberries in your diet. In addition to helping with reducing cholesterol, preventing cancer and Alzheimer’s we can now possibly add muscle protection to the list.

According to the abstract from an article in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research consuming blueberry extract may help alleviate the damaging consequences of oxidative stress. It is worth mentioning that wild blueberries contain more antioxidants than their cultivated sisters.

While I am not a believer in one item being the end all and be all of nutrition. I think it makes sense to add as many healthy foods to your diet as possible. At our house we add frozen wild blueberries to our oatmeal or smoothies. We also like to make blueberry fool using tofu or cashews. Blueberries also make a wonderful addition to green salads that include other fruit.  I add them to many dishes.

Unrelated note:

My hubby called a little while ago and wants to go out to dinner tonight because the weather is so gorgeous here. This means I am not making dinner tonight, instead Ian will be cooking. As usual I called to warn Ian that we were coming since most of his dishes are not vegan-friendly so he prefers to plan something ahead of time. I will be back either tonight or tomorrow morning with an update of what he came up with for us.

I hope you are all having a great Friday!


  1. thats pretty cool about Ian:) and i love blueberries, how is that online class going?

  2. Michelle,

    I know, how lucky are we that he likes us enough to make something special just for us? He is a sweetie. We are very lucky to have him just around the corner.

    I love blueberries too! They sneak into many things at my house. I will be needing them more soon. This morning I broke down and ordered P90X. Hopefully it doesn't kill me. LOL!

    The class went well. I have finished it, but need to wait for others to catch up for the final two on-line discussions. So far it is a rehash of things I knew, but it doesn't hurt to hear them again. Repetition works well with me. ;-)


  3. I eat blueberries almost every day. Sounds like it's a good thing huh?! Hope you enjoy your dinner. Something tells me you will.

  4. Heather,

    I was happy to read the blueberry thing myself. Sounds like they will continue to be a regular part of our breakfast.

    We had a great time tonight. You know me well! ;-)


  5. Sounds like Ian should add a few things to his menu - he could attract a new crowd with the same good money! Glad he's such good friends with you that he's willing to make you special dishes. And, that blueberry dish looks creamy good. We love blueberries, fresh, frozen or dried. Good health.

  6. Blessed Mama,

    I think if business were down he would consider it. But it just isn't the food he is comfortable with. Tonight every table was full all night. We are very lucky that he likes us enough to make something special for us. I always feel guilty when he does because I know how busy the kitchen is.

    We both like the blueberry fool. It is quite tasty. I need to post my raw cashew version soon. Maybe this weekend.

    talk to you later,

  7. Hi Alicia,
    I hope your dinner was delicious!!!
    You know I was never crazy about blueberries until I read a study 4 years ago that talked about how blueberries boosted brain powera and in some rare cases decreased the on set of alzheimers. I started literally force feeding my children blueberries! I cannot wait to try the blueberrie fool with cashews!!!! You are awesome!!
    I love you, my vegan soul sister! LOL

  8. My husband and I love blueberries but I don't buy them very often because our son doesn't eat them. I need to show this article to him ASAP!

  9. you know of all the people that i know that have ordered px90, i know you will actually do it. or atleast give it a shot, the people i know didnt eveng et it out of the box! i want "flirty girl fitness" hehehe oh lol my husband thought i said farty girl fitness when i told him about it. it was had to be there???

  10. Brandi,

    Our dinner was delicious and we had a great time, my girlfriend Deirdre joined us. We laughed all night!

    I have always loved blueberries. They are one of my favorite foods. I will definitely make the fool with cashews either today or tomorrow.


    If your son plays sports, which I guess he does, this should get his attention!


    I think most exercise equip that is purchased doesn't get used, like most gym memberships. Dan and I both are going to use it. Now let's hope we don't hurt ourselves. LOL.

    I haven't seen the flirty girls fitness you mentioned, but your story is funny. LOL!



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