Friday, April 9, 2010

Quick Update 04.09.10

Yesterday was just one of those days where nothing seemed to go right. The day ended with a hard cold blowing rain. This morning we woke up and it was still gray and cold (49 degrees). On the bright side the thick light green coating of pollen was washed away by the rain. I am determined to have a better day today, no matter what! We will see if the universe agrees. What do you do to shake a down mood? I would love to hear some suggestions.

Since it is Friday it is my day to check on the parents and make certain they have what they need and then run my errands. After that I will be back with a post of two. I wanted share a photo of the raw falafel, still not done in the middle. But I am hopeful that they will cook through, eventually. They have only been in the dehydrator for about 9 hours so far.

TGIF! Talk to you all again soon.


  1. When I've got the blues, sometimes the best thing to do is distract myself, so I can stop thinking about how I feel. So, I will just do something - anything - to engage my mind elsewhere. Reorganize a dresser drawer. Try a new recipe (complete with the grocery shopping trip and food prep). Put on a movie or tv show that I've seen before (so it's just comforting familiar background noise) and file all the stuff that is sitting on my filing cabinet.

    Just pick something and go with it - but pick something that will likely be successful (and don't spend too long deliberating about what to do - just pick something). You'll give yourself a mood lift by doing something and having the satisfaction of it being done - so try not to take on something likely to fail, because that will just make you feel worse.

    I hope that helps. Sometimes it helps me, and other times, I just want to crawl under the covers and never come out again. But at least this is something to try.

  2. Julie,

    Thanks for the great suggestions! I think I am having the female blues and will snap out of it soon. I like your ideas of being productive. I tend to exercise, or nap. Could I pick more opposite behaviors? LOL.

    Can you see my filing piling up? ;-) Another good suggestion.

    thanks for sharing,

  3. We all have those days don't we?! I can't wait for those suckers to be done so you can report back on them!

    As for getting myself out of a funk. It depends on how bad that funk is. Sometimes I can shake it off like yesterday. Great news helps, talking to a friend, a good cry, or just trying to turn the day around by remembering all of the positives in my life.

  4. Heather,

    I will definitely let you know how the falafels turn out. I think they are going to need a flavorful sauce.

    Great idea about remembering the good stuff. I have a lot to be thankful and I need to focus on that.


  5. Good luck with your falafel, Ali! They sure LOOK good! :-)

    And what a great question about how to shift a mood. Because I don't know anyone who doesn't find themselves in a funk from time to time, often with no obvious explanation for it.

    I totally agree with Heather that cultivating an attitude of gratitude can really shift your mood. So can finding a project to dive into, like Julie says. Both those things can work well for me, along with these...

    1. Watch a favorite comedy or bury myself in a really good book.

    2. Get physical. For me, a hike or a walk can work wonders.

    3. Do T'ai Chi (or yoga, meditation, etc.) Or just let the feeling be till it passes, which it eventually always does. I just don't always have the patience to wait for it to! ;-)

    4. This one's my favorite. It always works, and quickly... music therapy! I put on some really rockin' tunes and pretty soon I go from moping to dancing. :-) And for even more potent music therapy, I'll pop in this DVD: Playing for Change: Songs Around the World. I don't care HOW foul or depressed my mood is... I watch this DVD and my mood is guaranteed to do an about face, and the good vibes last long after the DVD ends! :-)

    And you said it, sister... TGIF! :-)

  6. in down moods i do what my husband always says, think back to just two days ago, were you feeling like this, now think forward two days, you havent always felt bad. it actually works when you do it. although, that just stops me from i dont know how much better i FEEL(but it helps to remember that that isnt your actual full-time feelings. or you could try tryptophan or 5HTP.

    ruv u Alicia, so do your kitties and husband that lets you test things on him!!

  7. Lalo,

    Great suggestions as always. Yoga is my diversion of choice. I think this is just some hormonal female thing, but who knows. Things are crazy here so it could be anything. ;-)

    Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions. I really appreciate them! :-)


    Walter has some good advice doesn't he? He is right this always passes. It doesn't happen often to me so I want it gone quickly when it does.

    Thanks for the ruv (which my hubby and I call wuv). You are very sweet, hugs right back to you too! :-)


  8. Alicia, When I have the blues I listen to uplifting music like the something's got to give soundtrack, also I find that I write more productively when I am down. I usually will come put of a blue mood by my 3rd cd....usually Michael Buble' (lol)!!!

  9. Some suggestions on straightening out a sour mood:

    If you have the time and money:
    botox, dermabrasion and juvaderm. (unbelievable. helps with that agey thing we were talking about)
    a kitten or puppy (you can only do this once or twice every 15 years, but it works)
    yoga class

    on the cheap:
    bubble bath
    walk outside
    don't call your mom (my mom)
    watch a kid's movie, preferably with kids
    do your hair and makeup
    go out with a friend and do not talk about what is on your mind

    We hope you are feeling better, dear.

  10. HI Ali,

    Sorry to hear you're blue. How about aromatherapy? I think citrus brightens the mood; cut a lemon in half, and sniff. My friend from college is a primary school teacher (1st grade) and when the kids get rambunctious and out of hand, she runs around the room spraying lavendar water...apparently it actually calms them down...I love that image: a 40 year old woman running around a room milling with little people frantically spraying lavendar...hope that gives you a smile (?)

    Let's catch up domani via email.

  11. Brandi,

    Music seems to be a recurring theme. I really need to try that. I rarely play music at home. Thanks for the suggestion.


    Loved your suggestions they were right up my alley. My three Turkish Angoras would not stand for another animal in the house, which is probably best. I am constantly picking up dust bunnies of cat fuzz as it is. ;-)

    A massage sounds wonderful though. That is going on my short list. Thanks!


    I love your aromatherapy idea. I have lavender oil in my linen closet. Since you reminded me I will spray the bed this evening to help me sleep. BTW, I love the visual of you friend. Thanks for sharing it. ;-)



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