Friday, April 30, 2010

The sore throat adventure

We got up this morning and Dan was still not feeling great. While we waited to hear back from the doctor I started to wonder what to give him for breakfast since he throat was sore and raw. I decided to make a quick peanut butter and banana smoothie. I processed ½ cup of oats into flour in the Vitamix. Next I added a frozen banana, 2 tablespoons of reduced fat peanut butter, 2 tablespoons of brown rice protein powder, 1 tablespoon ground flaxseeds, and ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon. Next I added water until it is the consistency I wanted. If you need extra sweetness add a little stevia or a pitted date. This is nothing fancy but if you throat is sore it does provide nourishment.

To go with this we had our usual clove of minced garlic for its antibacterial and anticancer properties. That is even more important now with the “potential strep throat”. We also had another green juice (spinach, carrot, celery, apple, lemon and ginger) before we left for the doctor. I wanted him to have some nutrition before we went out.

Dan’s doc was quick order an antibiotic, and lab work. We also wanted to get it cultured to confirm it. So off we went to the doctor. How do doctor appointments and lab work turn into an all day affair? They always do though don’t they? We didn’t leave the doctor’s office until 4:05pm. Since we were near Marshalls I wanted to run in and grab a pair of jeans. Mine are getting big so I knew I would need a smaller size soon and I hate to pay full price. Fortunately they had Liz Claiborne jeans for $19.99 and I grabbed them along with a pair of khakis, and two more pair of yoga pants. Is it no wonder I have over a dozen pairs of workout pants. I buy them every time I go out, or at least is seems that way. ;-)

Next I went to the kitchen department. This is where I get into trouble every time. They had quite a few things that I NEEDED. So in the cart they went.

I found some detox green tea.

And some white tea.

Then some more white tea.

Who could resist 6 tasting spoons for $3.00? Not me obviously.

I also picked up a small container of trail mix. By now we were both starving and this was the best thing I could find. It was surprisingly low in sugar and l loved that the nuts and seeds were mostly raw. We ate half of it in the car on the way to the health food store.

Finally, I found the more adorable eco to go cups. They are ceramic with silicon sleeves and a silicon lid and look just like the paper version. Not that we needed these but they were so cute I had to buy them.

After Marshalls we stopped at the health food store. By now we were famished. Once again we got the California wrap with hummus and lentil burger.

To go with that we ordered the blood regenerator. The juice made of carrot, beet and romaine is so good we can’t seem to resist it.

There is one item from the health food store I am holding back on. It will be a topic of post tomorrow. You will all be as amazed as I was, or at least I hope you will. ;-)

Finally, we stopped at Wegman’s since I needed some organic potatoes. Laloofah mentioned mashed potatoes and with Dan’s sore throat that sounded like something great to have on hand. There was no way I could buy only potatoes. While I was there I also grabbed some beets for our juice, eggplant for caponata (recipe to follow this weekend), and Tuscan melon for cold soup. However, my favorite grocery purchase this evening was sea beans. I love sea beans and they had them again tonight. I bought them all. Those will be on the menu this weekend since Dan and I both love them.

Dan is so cute he insisted that I try on the jeans once we got home. I resisted since I didn’t think they would fit yet but he persisted and I gave in. Here is the best part, they fit! I was quite pleased with this. I know it is a girl thing but buying smaller clothes (and having them fit) always puts a huge smile on my face. I was practically doing the happy dance.

Since we had “lunch” at 5:30pm dinner is bound to be quite late tonight. But I wanted to give you a quick update on what is happening. Dan is very content in the other room watching sci-fi that he had DVR’d previously. All the cats are keeping him company while I write this post.

Next on my to do list is beginning the process of detoxifying the house. I opened the windows as soon as we got home and started airing things out. Thanks for the reminder to do this Brandi.

I will try to write up our dinner tonight but realistically it probably won’t be posted until tomorrow. Dinner tonight is probably going to be something over polenta so that it doesn’t bother Dan’s throat. I hope you are all having a great Friday. I will talk to you tomorrow if not sooner.


  1. Hey there - take care of that hubby and just relax. No worries about posting right!!

  2. Heather,

    He is doing fine. I am making dinner now. I doubt there will be another post tonight.

    You had a great one tonight, btw. I love the fun facts ideas. I may have to borrow it or at least a part of it. It was fun. ;-)

    talk to you later,

  3. Sounds like you turned at least part of your day into a fun outing! Funny, I've been meaning to ask you if you drink white tea! Bet the one with pomegranate is good!

    Congratulations on your size-smaller jeans! :-) And how fun you found sea beans again! Jeans and beans, someone should write a poem. ;-)

    So what Top Secret thing did you buy, I wonder? Guess I"ll just have to stay tuned... same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

  4. La,

    I really like white tea. We still drink green more often, just because it is easier to find. White is more of a treat. I also picked up some sencha at the healthfood store. I love my tea.

    You know I thought of you when I found the sea beans. I was very happy they were back. Only you would think of beans and jeans. LOL.

    Thanks for the congrats on the smaller jeans. Sorry you missed the happy dance that went with them. ;-)

    Dan went to the grocery store to pick up Chloraseptic while I went into Marshalls. I found all my stuff in under 10 minutes. I shop fast.

    The secret item is fabulous. I bought it so that I can make my own version. You will love the concept, I am certain. ;-)


  5. Congrats on the smaller jeans size! A happy dance is totally deserved. The goodies you picked up look great, too. :)

    I'm looking forward to this mystery find of yours, as well as the caponata recipe. I bought eggplant this morning with plans to make caponata sometime this weekend, but I've never made it before so we'll see what happens.

  6. Tiffany,

    Thanks! It feels really good to be back into the size I wore in my 30's, since that was long ago for me. ;-)

    Caponata is really easy to make. You will be surprised by how easy. I love that it has a big flavor punch for so little work.

    I will be very surprised if anyone doesn't like the idea of the mystery item. I almost squealed in the store when I saw it. Once I had a sample that was it. I was hooked. :-)

    have a good evening,

  7. I am so glad things are almost back to normal! COngratulations on the smaller pants!!!! I love that feeling! I cannot wait to see the sea beans. I shopped like I meant it today at the Thais Bihn Market, I found a set of 6 stainless steel, not made in china, tasting spoons for $2.75, and that is a deal to me! I bought them out of produce too. I cannot wait to sow what I got!!
    I am off to bed, I am gargare sailing tomorrow and looking for books and toile. Until tomorrow then.VV

  8. Brandi,

    Sounds like a great day at your place. Please do post the stainless tasting spoons. I have only seen them in porcelain so I am definitely curious. :-)

    Thanks for the congrats on the smaller size. I am thrilled.

    Things are not really back to normal yet, but Dan is being a trooper. He is still sleeping, which is good. I am hoping he will feel a little better this morning.

    Good luck shopping today.

    talk to you later,

  9. Only saw this post today: Congratulations on the skinny jeans! I know you're feeling great! Boogie!

  10. Rose,

    I was absolutely doing the smaller jeans dance yesterday. Sorry you missed it. LOL. Actually it is good you missed it, I am not that great a dancer. ;-)

    Thanks for the congratulations. I hope you are having a great weekend.



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