Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quick Update and a Great Morning!

Being a short term single lady since yesterday morning has been odd but somewhat freeing. Without Dan around I felt no need to cook which resulted is a lot more me time which I really enjoyed. I spent yesterday being somewhat lazy and reading a new book. I ordered “Integrative Oncology” from Amazon and it arrived yesterday early afternoon. My nose was in the book for a few hours. I have read about 1/3 of the 580 pages so far. Once I finish reading the book I will write a quick review so you can decide whether you are interested in reading it or not.

Later in the evening I watched a DVD from Netflix, “Change Your Food, Change Your Life”. If you are new to veganism or aren’t focused on the health aspects of veganism this may contain some new information for you. Honestly there wasn’t any new info in it for me, but I enjoyed most of it just the same. Although I felt that the DVD referenced processed food (commercial veggie burgers, Tofu pups, that sort of thing) far more than is healthy. The focus of this DVD is split between weight and health. I also found it confusing that they seem to love Dr. McDougall and then gushed over Veganaise and made a recipe using at least ½ cup of the stuff. These are picky criticisms though. Overall it was interesting and may get the attention of a few folks that are interested in improving their health or weight. Here is a link to the author’s website, vegan-gal.

When Dan travels for work the cats are normally quite restless and spent the majority of the night walking around crying. However last night the cats actually slept. I guess they only had to be 9 years old to grow up. This is the first time in 9 years they didn’t keep me up all night when Dan was traveling. Yay for a good night’s sleep!

This morning the weather is absolutely glorious. At 6am it was 67 degrees and 43% humidity. I immediately turned off the air conditioning and opened the windows to let the fresh air into the house. Then I hit the pavement. It was far too nice outside to exercise in the house this morning.

Now I need to go make myself something for breakfast. I am ravenous this morning. That is what happens when I skip dinner, unless marinated mushrooms qualify as a meal. Clearly I need my hubby around to make certain that I take care of myself. ;-) Talk to you again soon.


  1. Heather,

    I felt exactly the same way! Since I wasn't expecting to get any sleep it was a wonderful surprise. The beautiful weather this morning was an added benefit. It is a glorious day at my house. :-)

    It is such a good day that I have decided to tackle the new sewing machine today. We will see who wins. My money is on the machine. ;-)

    talk to you later,

  2. I have not heard of this book before? Is it new? I am doing alot of reading on cancer cells and also diabete's due to family issues at the moment. I just found out my uncles mother in law has mrsa and nobody told me!!! I am peeved!
    Good post!!!
    Sorry about the MIA lately, lots going on!

  3. Brandi,

    The book was published last year. It is good so far. I will let you know what I think when I get finished.

    I found out watching the 2010 Dr. Greger DVD that 5% of retail meat has MRSA. Comforting isn't it? Sorry to hear about your uncle's mother-in-law.

    Glad things have slowed down a little for you. :-)



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