Friday, June 4, 2010

Green Tea Extract Helps to Keep Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in Check

Years ago I thought food was just something you ate for enjoyment. It took me a long time to realize that food has an enormous impact on health. Many of our friends are supportive of our diet but I know that they think we have gone a little too “granola”, as our chef friend Ian likes to say. But I believe an uber healthy diet is critical when you are faced with a life threatening disease.

This article published at the Mayo Clinic website discusses the impact of green tree extract on CLL progression, not prevention but progression! When you think that something as simple as green tea can control cancer progression in most people that really is huge. Green tea has been discussed for years as being helpful in terms of cancer prevention but this clinical study shows it can slow and reverse progression. Yay green tea!

Now I don’t know about you but we are going to continue to drink our green tea as often as possible. Our regular intake is 6 - 8 cups per day. Don’t forget that you get the maximum EGCG from Japanese green tea that is steeped for 10 minutes, consumed within 2 hours of brewing and that adding ascorbate C helps you to absorb more EGCG.

Talk to you all later.


  1. Are you a matcha fan? (FYI, in case anybody is wondering, it's the powdered Japanese green tea traditionally used for tea ceremony.) Matcha has certain health-promoting properties that the brewed tea doesn't because one is essentially drinking the whole leaf. And it's delicious!

  2. Heather,

    I am a fan of matcha. My favorite green teas are matcha and sencha. I also love white tea. Actually I guess it is more accurate to say I love all tea. ;-)



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