Sunday, August 30, 2009

Japanese Black Truffle Tomatoes

Normally I wouldn’t blog about produce but these tomatoes are amazing. We picked them up this morning from our organic CSA and they are magnificent. The tomatoes have a wonderful rich flavor. They seem to be a lower acid tomato based on the taste. We loved the meatiness of the tomato as well as the fabulous dark color.

If you are gardener you might want to look for these seeds when you are buying for next year. These tomatoes are clearly the best I have had this year. Here is a link to a seed seller in case you are interested.


  1. These tomatoes look and sound wonderful. I'm definitely going to keep these on my radar. Someday, I hope to run my own CSA...and an item like this could be a winner.

    How about you? Will you have a go at growing some next season?


  2. Rose,

    I thought of you when we tried these tomatoes. Something told me you would love them.

    I may try to grow these next year. Unusual produce is much higher on my list than things I can easily purchase.


  3. Grew these this year. This tomato has a very thick skin and that must be why it resists cracking. I could actually peel the skin off when tomato was raw.

    Not my fav, but I will save some seeds so I can grow one plant next year. I prefer a more acidic tomato.

  4. Betty,

    Were these tomatoes easy to grow? Do you think any inexperienced gardener can grow them?


  5. Good Morning, I came across this post and wanted to let you know that Green Arrow has these tomato PLANTS for $1.99 each :) These tomatoes are easy to grow and each plant produces LOTS of tomatoes :) They can even be grown in containers!

  6. Joanna,

    Thanks so much for the tip! I will see if my local garden center has them. I loved the flavor of these.



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