Monday, September 12, 2011

Food Fit to Travel

In the midst of the storm system that turned into torrential rain and flooding our ship literally came in. Given the raising water in Baltimore it was nice to know we could float away if necessary. ;-) 

There were a lot of raw meals on board because I was trying to get prepared for the Crazy Sexy Detox which I started on Monday. It would be nice to say that I am totally prepared but that would be a lie. You know me I will wing it as I go along.

The first day on the boat I brought very little food with us and fortunately I was able to find food that Robert (the captain) left onboard which I could turn into something to feed us. There were cans of tomato soup which I seasoned with curry powder and finished with peanuts and it was delicious. He also had tea bags on board we had trail mix, seaweed and flax crackers so we didn’t starve.

There were many mugs of tea enjoyed outside.  What a great way to spend the weekend.  :-)

We went home overnight which gave me an opportunity to whip up a few things. One of them was a Southern Italian spice mix. This one contains dried minced onions, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, fennel seeds, freshly ground black pepper and hot pepper flakes.

This is a dish I concocted from food from home and what was on board. It took canned tomatoes and added Southern Italian seasoning referenced above, cannellini beans and diced bell pepper that I added at the end to minimize the destruction of vitamin C which is sensitive to heat.  I finished the dish with some nutrition yeast which I will also be keeping on board.

Here is a cucumber salad I made which includes chunks of cucumber, shredded carrot, shaved onion, raw sunflower seeds, sherry vinegar, and cilantro.

We also had crudite, caramelized peach and habanero hummus and flax crackers made from the pulp of vegetable juice and almond milk. I added a bunch of no-salt seasoning for flavor, some ground flaxseeds to bind it and enough water to make“dough”. They dehydrated for 24 hours to make them extra crispy the way Dan likes them.

We had some diced cantaloupe also.

I also made fresh veggie juice at home to take with us each morning.

Then there were pizza flavored almonds which turned out really well. I will need to make those again since we both liked them.

Here is another meal of flax crackers, the same caramelized peach and habanero hummus, pizza almonds and a kale salad that I marinated in sherry vinegar, raw garlic and smoked paprika. I topped the salad with diced tomatoes that I packed separately.

No matter where we are Dan and I always try to eat as healthy as possible.

Happy Thoughts:

• It is wonderful to have the boat in Baltimore. We have not been as productive as we could have been but we have done our share of relaxing which was sorely needed. Additionally we also have gotten a lot done on the boat which is excellent. We are slowly but surely figuring out the boat which makes us both happy.

• We have met quite a few of our boat neighbors which is nice. There are a few live-a-boards on our dock which makes us both really happy. It is always nice to have people on your pier to keep an eye open on things.

• The mallards at the marina have figured out that I am a crazy animal lady and having been hanging around by our boat. At one point we had 8 ducks visiting with us all at once and I wasn’t feeding them….yet. ;-) Dan thinks that they sent out a message that there is a sucker in the neighborhood (that would be me not Dan BTW).

• I have been playing around with some new recipes and feel ready for the Crazy Sexy Cleanse to start which I am looking forward to. Let’s hope that it is as easy as I am expecting it to be. I will tell you how it goes for me and what I am eating in case you want to do it too.

• There are many photographic opportunities from the marina. Expect to see a lot of nautical shots for a while. I expect to take my camera with me each time I go to the boat. Here is a picture I love of three older people heading to their boat with the “crazy pirate” ship in the background. I loved the story that this picture told.

Signing out:

Monday is going to be another busy day all day. I have a very busy day planned and we may end our day at the boat since it is so nice to have dinner out in the cockpit while listening to the water. Talk with you again soon.


  1. I'm not doing the cleanse (no juicer), but I'm excited to hear about your further adventures with both that as well as your new boat. I love sailing--it is a feeling of freedom like no other!

  2. I enjoyed this post, as usual. ;) The marina looks so peaceful and nice. I'm glad you guys are enjoying your new boat! :)

  3. Love this post :) I love how you whipped up dinner with leftovers on board. I read something recently that reminded me of you - the difference between a good cook and a great cook and is that the great cook could make a tasty dish with whatever they had on hand, while the good cook always has to follow a recipe. Food looks YUM!

  4. Jackie,

    You don't need a juicer to do the cleanse you can make green smoothies instead. However my timing was not good since raw food and cold weather don't go together well for me.

    We are having fun with the boat and had great wind this weekend. :-)


  5. Angel,

    The marina is fantastic and we have some great boat neighbors which is wonderful. :-)


  6. Possum,

    Aww, aren't you sweet! Thank you, this really made my day.



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