Friday, November 12, 2010

Vegan MoFo 12.1: Masi Cat Update and the Food

Massimo Cat Thursday:

It was another one of those days at our house on Thursday. My little grey angel Massimo needed to go to the vet for dental work. We went through the fasting process since he would need to be under anesthesia for the cleaning. Thankfully in the end it was just cleaning and no extraction which was wonderful. From talking to the vet I now know that cats are prone to cavities on the side of their teeth which are very painful. When those happen the teeth need to be extracted. Masi had none of those so it was just a cleaning. We were happy to have dodged that bullet with both our boy cats. Dental procedures for two fur babies down one to go.

Breakfast Thursday morning was oatmeal (1/2 cup) with frozen wild blueberries (1/2 cup), cinnamon (1/4 t), powdered ginger (1/4 t), ground flaxseed (1 T) and a few sliced almonds. Dan had the same thing only 50% more. I opted to make oatmeal because it was it was quick and easy. I have now been eating the savory oats so long the fruit and nut variety tasted too sweet to me. Dan does not share the feeling but he has a vicious sweet tooth that he claims I am trying to kill. Who me? ;-)

It was an easier drive to the vet this morning because the weather was cooperative unlike the trip with Nicco last week. Masi was extremely quiet in the car. When I left the vet and tried to say goodbye to him he wouldn’t look at me. Mommy’s little boy knows how to wrap mommy around his fuzzy toes. I felt so guilty for leaving him there because he was obviously very unhappy.

Lunch was two collard wraps with my fat-free hummus, ½ avocado, broccoli sprouts and sliced red bell pepper. I know not everyone loves raw collards but I am more comfortable eating them than commercially prepared bread. Have you looked at the ingredients of store bought bread lately? When I was at Wegman’s the other day I grabbed a package of sprouted whole grain wraps from the freezer. When I checked the ingredient list it contained soy protein. I didn’t note the brand but it wasn’t Ezekiel however it was organic. I certainly didn’t expect it to contain soy protein. I feel much safer using collard wraps for bread personally.

Being the overprotective cat mommy that I am I called the vet’s office mid-afternoon to check on my boy and he was getting the work done at that time. My baby came out of anesthesia hissing and was not happy to be at the vet. Dan went with me to pick him up and Masi couldn’t stand or walk. I would describe him as crawling on his belly. When I saw this I was heartbroken. Masi baby had to spend last night in a dog crate in the family room so that he didn’t jump. I spent quite a long time on the floor talking to him. Mommy’s little baby had a very rough day. I wanted to cry seeing my normally very active boy having such difficulty getting around.

Since I was spending the evening on the ground talking to Masi dinner was nothing fancy or time consuming. Dan took over watching the baby while I made us a salad for dinner. I combined the following: thinly shaved parsnip, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cauliflower and a splash of red wine vinegar. On the side we had fat-free hummus with paprika on top and pine nuts. I also added a few slices of avocado and broccoli sprouts. It wasn’t the most exotic meal but it contained plenty of nutrition and that was really all I was looking for out of this meal.

Dan and I ended up closing Luca and Nicco into a bedroom and allowing Masi to explore the house before bed. He was very unstable but managed to eat and drink a little and use the potty box. We put him back in the dog crate just before 1 am and then we turned in. I only got up twice to check on Masi and both times he was sleeping.

Happy thoughts:

It has been good for me to list my happy thoughts the last couple of days so I am going to do it from now on as long as it continues to feel right. ;-) Here are my happy thoughts for today:

• Mommy’s little angel (Massimo) is definitely improving and is probably 90% right now.
• All three of the feline members of the family have been reasonably cooperative at medication time so far. Since all three of them are getting meds having them be cooperate is a big deal.
• We are having an unseasonably warm spell which is very nice. Fingers crossed this may mean a mild winter. ;-)
• Today is Friday which means two days with the hubby. Yay!
• The Thanksgiving menu is starting to come together. If any of you are interested I will post what I am considering the for menu.

Signing out:

As you can tell things are not exactly back to normal yet but they are improving. We had a rough time last night and this morning but things are starting to settle down. I could really use a little boredom in my life. With a little luck that will be a good description of my weekend. I hope all of you are having a good Friday night.

Before I forget tomorrow we go back to recipes. I made a nice Curried “Unfried” Rice tonight for dinner that both Dan and I thought was very good. It is a variation of the unfried rice I made earlier this week but with Indian seasonings, and no added sodium. I actually got back to measuring for this meal which will be posted tomorrow.  If you like fast food and Indian flavors I really think the rice is a winner.   Talk to you tomorrow.


  1. Yes, Ali, do give us some Thanksgiving ideas!

  2. Aimee,

    I will add it to tomorrow's post. I have a number of ideas so maybe you can help me to narrow the menu down a bit. ;-)

    I hope your evening is going well,

  3. Soooo glad your furbaby is ok. I understand how you were feeling completely. Heath Man needs his teeth taken care of and he's so sensitive to meds. I'm worried about it. I won't even say enjoy your time with Dan b/c I know that's a given. Can't wait to see your Thanksgiving menu.

  4. Heather,

    Given how much you love your pups I know you understand. I hope things go well for Heath. I was almost in tears a few times last night. It was so upsetting to watch Masi fall over when he tried to stand up.

    I will definitely post my T'day ideas tomorrow. I could use some assistance editting. The menu is too large at the moment.

    I hope happy hour with the girls was good,

  5. Good news about your sweet boy! And trust me, I know that pill-popping or whatever method you use is not fun with cats!

    I have not been online reading blogs lately so see that I have missed a lot of yours!! I need to catch up pronto and get some yummy ideas!

    Have a wonderful weekend! I am home all weekend....going nowhere and not even putting on makeup! Yay!


  6. Lolly,

    Thank you so much. I am very happy that my baby is recovering. He had me extremely worried for a while.

    No make up all weekend sounds glorious. I may do the same thing, LOL.

    I hope you have a good weekend,

  7. So glad Masi is feeling better, Ali. Definitely want to hear about your Thanksgiving plans!!!!


  8. LJ,

    It was a huge relief when Masi started to act more like himself. We were worried about him. My baby didn't handle the anesthesia well.

    I thought you might like to hear about my Thanksgiving ideas since I was curious to hear yours. I am not making as many dishes as you are. At least I am not planning on it now. ;-)


  9. Oh, that little tongue sticking out! Sweet kitty!

    Hang in there, Ali. Things will get better!

  10. oh good news about masi, the 90% better part! last week,little piggy was SO sick so i know just how you feel, mentally and physically, my knees were sore from being on the floor so long!lol yes boredom is taken for granted sometimes! sending love to your own fatheads:)

  11. JL,

    He doesn't normally do that with his tongue. I think it was because of the med. He is much more himself this evening. Two down and one to go. I hope I survive. ;-)

    hope you are having a good evening,

  12. Michelle,

    I am sorry to hear piggy was sick. I hope everything is better now.

    Thank you for the fur baby love. I feel the same way about your "little" ones. Please give piggy a snuggle from me.


  13. Of course we're interested in your Thanksgiving possibilities, silly!

    Wow, so November is vet month for you? And if your vet charges what mine does, I guess that means no Christmas shopping this year : |

  14. Stephanie,

    Novemeber has been people and cat doctor visit month that is for sure. Our vet bills are higher than I would like, but .... Christmas will still happen. One of the few benefits of age is finanacial things are easier. Everything physical is harder though so there is always a tradeoff. ;-)

    Dan and I were talking about the Thanksgiving menu again this morning. I have far too many ideas, LOL. I need to pare them down so the meal is not as hectic as last year. We will see if I can manage a simple holiday menu. ;-)

    hope your weekend is starting out well,

  15. your collard wraps look amazing!! and so does your glorious oatmeal bowl. So beautiful!

    I'm so glad massimo survived his dental work. It's always so scary having to take in the furbabies.

  16. Amey,

    I was very worried about Masi. Our fur kids are only 9 years old so I didn't expect this much drama. Thankfully he is fine now.

    I am hooked on collard wraps. They are one of my favorite meals. I do like my food to be fast and easy in addition to being healthy. ;-)

    I hope you are having a nice evening,


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