Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday in Annapolis and the food

(Annapolis Harbor)

First I have to say it is a little disconcerting to be so far behind on the blog. I am going to try to post abbreviated entries to get caught up.

Our day started slowly at home. We opted to sleep in since we both haven’t been getting good rest. Our breakfast was not the least bit traditional but it was good.

We started with a bowl of watermelon.

A bowl of leftover vegetable barley soup with pine nuts added a more substantial element to the meal.

For lunch we had a big salad consisting of shredded romaine, salsa, Roma tomatoes, cucumber, marinated mushrooms, cannellini beans, cashew crème fraiche, and pumpkin seeds.

Once we had our lunch we took off for Annapolis for the day and played tourist. Here are some of the pictures I took while we were there. Here are some quick pics and a brief description. First up the bar pictures because Annapolis Harbor has a lot of establishments to where you can purchase adult beverages.

(Yes that is a fish drinking a beer)

Here are some residential Annapolis pictures.

(this was such a wild paint job I had to take a picture)

Here are some shots from the Naval Academy.  I took a picture of the map so you could get an idea of the size of it which is quite impressive.  They are also seriously about security as you will see.

While we were in Annapolis we checked out a few restaurants to see if they had anything we could easily make healthy and it didn’t turn out so well. Since we were going by Whole Foods on the way out of Annapolis we decided to run in there to pick up a snack (which we split) since we were an hour away from home.

I have read this is the largest Whole Food in the chain and I believe it. Dan and I think it is at least three times larger than our local Whole Foods.

At the prepared food area we pick up broccolini salad, a Mediterranean pepper and olive salad, asparagus and orange and grilled tofu. On the positive side the vegetables were prepared tender crisp which I prefer. Also the tofu had a nice chewy texture and good char from the grill. However, on the down side both Dan and I were very surprised by how greasy the food was. At first I thought it was just us since I don’t use oil in my cooking. But I called an omni friend that shops at Whole Foods that isn’t fond of the prepared foods and I asked why the grease issue came up again. I am going to try picking up some prepared food at our local Whole Foods to see how it compares. Next time I will be buying a very small portion just for a test in case we have the same problem.

Dinner was a salad of shredded romaine, cannellini beans, oven roasted veggies, Roma tomatoes and raw sunflower seeds. On the side of the salad we each had a small amount of the leftover whole wheat pasta with cabbage and oven roasted veggies with short grain brown rice.

I have not written the post for Tuesday yet. Can you tell how far behind I am? *rolls eyes* I hope to get that written and posted soon but realistically it probably won’t be tonight. My next post will probably cover both Tuesday and Wednesday to get caught up. Friday is going to be busy here as well. We have an early appointment and then we are going to try to get to the beach. At least that is the plan today unless something happens. Can you believe Dan wants to take another day off from work? I know I was shocked. Talk to you all again soon.


  1. walter came by the computer and said "wow" to the WF bar pic. i was so disappointed when i went to the wf in la, you would think that they would hve lots of vegan stuff, but i saw none!! i cant imagine being at the largest wf, just the one i went to was overwhelming.(minus the hot bar:))

    those houses were so cute:) reminds me a little of where i used to live in nj.

    most ("outside") food i feel is overly oily. i dont like that. especially veggies.

    dont worry about falling behind on your blog, what you are doing is way more important. who says you have to post everyday? there is so much info on this blog, all anyone has to do is search your older posts if they are in need of ideas etc


  2. Thanks for sharing all of those pictures. Looks gorgeous. And no worries on being behind, you had fun and unplugged. Kuddos to you!

  3. Michelle,

    The food does look beautiful from Whole Foods it was such a shame it was greasy. I even considered wiping off the veggies it was that greasy. We did our best to shake off the oil but it was still greasy. :-p There were many vegan options at this Whole Foods maybe because it is such a big store. I am going to try our local Whole Foods and see if the food is the same.

    I love the old houses in Annapolis. We see buildings like that often since the Mid Atlantic is so old but I thought the old architecture might be interesting to people in the middle of the country, like where I grew up.

    I hate being behind schedule in anything and my life is totally backed up at the moment. Although it is very nice to have Dan only work two days this week.

    You are very sweet, BTW. Thanks for the pep talk. ;-)

    talk to you later,

  4. Heather,

    Glad you liked the pics. Annapolis is a beautiful old town. I enjoy its old time charm.

    talk to you later,

  5. Relax and have fun! You won't lose any blog followers by not posting every day!

    Both our Whole Foods and Earth Fare stores have great looking deli counters and buffets, but I find most of the food to be very oily. Sometimes I'll ask for the nutritional info and will find that it contains way more fat or salt than I'd like. Maybe if we keep requesting some healthier alternatives, they'll listen.

    Nice photos ... I was there a few years ago and enjoyed walking around town. Have a great time at the beach. We're off on another trip and will have to adjust our eating again.

  6. Laura,

    Thanks for letting me know you found the food oily as well. I was actually shocked by how oily, it was more than just a little too greasy. Good point about asking about it often enough and maybe it will be changed. I will do that whenever I am in my local Whole Foods.

    Enjoy your next trip! You guys are doing a lot of traveling now. :-)


  7. Wow...those Annapolis pictures are awesome. What a beautiful place! I need to go there some time!

    Don't stress out over being behind on your blog. I've been busy this week myself and my blog has suffered, but no need to stress over it. No one is going anywhere! :o)

    I wouldn't know how to act in the largest WF store. Don't tell anyone but I've only been to a WF about 3 times. The closest one to me is an hour drive. :-(

    Hope you have a great day!

  8. Michelle,

    Annapolis is a beautiful old city. We live so close yet we rarely go there. It is small and quaint and you can park your car and walk the entire city, which is what we did.

    Thanks for your kind words. I am one of those people that really feels the need to stay on top of things. I am mine own worst enemy on that front. ;-) I am writing the next post now so I am all caught up this evening. Since Dan is off again tomorrow I don't want to fall another day behind on top where I am now.

    The Whole Foods in Annapolis is almost overwhelming it is so big. I will try to get some interior pics of it next time I am there. The aisles are so spacious, nothing like my local one. That is a shame your closest Whole Foods is an hour away. That is a too far for regularly grocery shopping, what a bummer. Do you have a Wegman's close by? I love that store and its prices are better than Whole Foods and it carries many of the same things.


  9. Ali, we don't have a Wegman's either. :-( I've acutally never seen a Wegman's. We just don't have much where I the south. I live in the middle of two big cities. Memphis is about an hour from me and then Nashville is 2 hours. I make do though. :o) I'm working on a nice list for my next trip to WF...ha

  10. Michelle,

    That is too bad that you don't have a Wegman's either. I know that they are expanding maybe you will get one soon. I hope so you would love that store.


  11. Enjoy your time off from blogging! With such well-written and informative posts as you have, I know it must be time consuming. It's one thing to fit it in a regular schedule, but it's another when it's a holiday week.

    Annapolis looks so pretty. One thing I miss about being on the east coast is being so close to other cities.

  12. Jessica,

    Where of the East Coast have you lived? I agree being close to other cities is great. We need to take advantage of that more often.

    Annapolis is a quaint old town. We have spent a good bit of time there since we used to have a sailboat that we kept on the bay across from Annapolis.

    I am not sure how much time I spend on the blog but I would guess it is at least an hour a day, maybe a bit more. Thanks for your kind words, BTW. :-)

    I hope you had a great week,


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